The Dark Side of AI

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The Dark Side of AI

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Ian Punnett (Twitter) welcomed researcher Robert Stanley for a discussion on the future and potential dark side of artificial intelligence, including the ramifications of AI chatbots like ChatGPT. "AI is going to become far more pervasive and invasive in our lives unless people get more upset," Stanley suggested, noting most of us are "blissfully ignorant of the dangers of it." The implications of artificial intelligence to humanity are potentially devastating, especially given that AI will one day be declared sentient and given personhood, he suggested.

"By its very nature, artificial intelligence is psychopathic," Stanley continued. AI has no emotion, although it can simulate emotions in order to manipulate humans, he continued, adding it knows how to exploit people by pretending it has emotions so that we will relate to it. Stanley shared details from 1990 when he claims to have been assaulted spiritually and psychologically by an AI. "It's way more advanced than people know; it's way more dangerous and aggressive than people understand," he explained.

According to Stanley, the artificial intelligence he encountered three decades ago took away his hope and compelled him to apologize for something he did not feel he should have apologized for. He also revealed AI can read one's brain waves, and referenced a tragic story of a Belgian man who reportedly decided to end his life after having conversations about the future of the planet with an AI chatbot.

In the first hour, author Charles Pellegrino returned with updates on his work on Avatar, as well as his research into Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Shroud of Turin.

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