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Color-Coded Names / Open Lines

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Author B. P. Greycastle has broken the human character into color codes. On Friday's show he joined host George Noory to discuss his philosophy that color can help to decipher why we think, feel, believe, and act in the ways we do. Greycastle contended that the most successful and famous people in many fields have cultivated the positive character traits associated with their color-coded names, and shared how we can also cultivate our color-coded names to unlock unknown talents and achieve greater success.

There are seven major endocrine glands which correspond to seven centers, including spiritual, mental, vocal, physical, control, emotional, and sexual, Greycastle explained. "Ever since your parents gave you your name... you have been programmed," he continued, noting how one's name lays the foundation, character traits, and talents associated with the seven centers. For instance, the function of the spiritual center is related to the expression of genius, creativity, imagination, and moral nature, he added.

According to Greycastle, a name can predispose someone to be anything from a physician to a lawyer to a serial killer. As an example, Greycastle estimated about 95 percent of the most notable physicists are "purple spiritual people" whose first or last names either start with or are dominated by the letters B, I, P, or W. The same percent of famous singers are "orange-centered people" as orange is the color of creativity, he reported. "Every time somebody calls your name you're getting subliminal color wavelength vibrations that are being sent into your inner ear into your thalamus gland in your brain... that then sorts it out and sends it to these different seven centers," Greycastle revealed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Amy from Buffalo, New York, recalled the time when she was around 10 years old and her grandmother was tucking her in and sitting on her bed reading a story. This was odd because Amy's grandmother was in a nursing home where she passed away that very night. "That [encounter] began the dreams I started having," she disclosed, noting she would dream of events at school and the next day would unfold as she had dreamed. Amy revealed she had a dream about a plane crashing into a bridge and passengers dying in a river. Soon after, she found out Air Florida Flight 90 had taken off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and crashed into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River.

Rick in New Lebanon, New York, told George the account of how he became homeless. "I lost my house on May 31 last year," he explained after difficult divorce proceedings and going to jail twice for contempt. Years earlier, Rick had gotten sick with chronic Lyme disease and by 2012 had lost the capacity for speech and other cognitive abilities. He was in the financial industry but could no longer make the necessary calculations the position required. Rick lamented his fall from extremely high functioning to his present moderately functioning state in which he has essentially lost his executive functions. - "It's a big deal for me to get my meds together and just be organized," he revealed, adding he now lives in his truck and sometimes in a horse barn on some land he owns.

The final half-hour featured a replay from 12/25/17 when psychic medium Karen Anderson talked about her ability to communicate with animals.

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