Wetiko Mind-Virus / Open Lines

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Wetiko Mind-Virus / Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, spiritual emergence pioneer Paul Levy discussed the Native American idea of the wetiko mind-virus. Following a traumatic personal encounter with the forces of darkness and evil, he recounted, Levy came to realize that he was experiencing wetiko, which he described as a kind of collective psychosis that's infected the population worldwide. The effect of wetiko is similar to feeling hypnotized or in a dream, where our inner experience aligns with that of the world around us.

While part of wetiko is a demon-like source of evil, it's actually a dangerous sort of gift, Levy said. Wetiko puts us in touch with our own immense creative potential and energy, albeit at a high price: it can turn those forces of light against us if we're not careful. But if we seek revelation through the darkness that "the beast" wetiko puts in our path, Levy continued, we can realize our "highest light."


Open lines followed in the second half. Mary in New Jersey was curious about the legendary Emerald Tablets. What are they, and have they been deciphered, she wondered. George referred her to the work of Billy Carson, who has talked about the tablets on C2C in the past.

Calling from Indiana, Brian shared the story of the 1953 UFO crash in Kingman, Arizona. Allegedly, a live alien was recovered in the crash, and Brian wanted more information. He'd recorded a recent television program about the crash, and reckoned he'd need to review it to get closer to his answer.

Eddie, who was listening in North Carolina, related that his state's legislature had recently declared that it would not accept digital currency as a form of payment from the federal government. For Eddie, this is very significant, because he believes digital currency is the beginning of the takeover of society, which we need to protest as Americans.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Catherine Austin Fitts

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