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A student of astrology for over 30 years, Leslie McGuirk teaches regularly at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Tecate, Mexico. In the first half, she discussed the current cycle of Mercury retrograde, different aspects of astrology, and the insights it can provide in our lives. Mercury rules communication, and during retrograde periods (which happen around three times a year), the planet appears to move in a reverse direction to Earth, and during this time, communication hiccups or challenges may be more common. Yet for around 20% of the population-- those born during a Mercury retrograde, these periods have the opposite effect, and things actually run smoother and more efficiently for them, she noted. McGuirk also believes that couples' Mercury signs (those relating to fire, water, air, and earth) can be a strong indicator of their compatibility.

She suggested that someone's moon sign can be more revealing of an individual's personality than the more widely used sun sign. The moon relates to bodies of water on Earth, and when it comes to the zodiac signs associated with it, they show the pathways of a person's emotions, McGuirk explained. For instance, "if you put your moon...into a fire sign like Aries, it means that you're going to be very quick to want to evaporate emotions." She also talked about the belief that some are naturally lucky because they are born with certain "Golden Aspects." A group of astrologers conducted a statistical study on very successful people and found that they shared certain rare aspects connected with Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, and Pluto, she reported. For those who don't have all or any of the Golden Aspects, they can sometimes achieve great things by combining or collaborating with others that do-- which is what she said happened in the case of the Beatles.


An expert in helping people decode their dreams, Layne Dalfen, founded the Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997. In the latter half, she shared how the solutions to our current problems often appear to us in our nightly dreams through the intelligent, unconscious mind. There are six points of entry that anyone can use to decipher what situation in their life triggered a current dream, she outlined, and these include plot, feelings, repetition, symbols, actions, and puns (play on words). In some dreams, it may make sense to approach the feelings aspect first, such as when someone is being chased. "The dream belongs to the dreamer only," she declared, and thus she guides clients through interpretation by asking them questions rather than telling them what it means.

She remarked that dreams have a multitasking aspect, with several different processes going on simultaneously that may relate to current events in our lives. For instance, on a symbolic level, during a week she is going on a business trip, she might have a dream about her father, who represents the business aspect of her personality, as opposed to her mother, who relates to her maternal qualities. The people that appear in your dreams are never random or by accident, Dalfen continued, nor is the story. "Your unconscious is always giving it to you on a silver platter...if only you could understand the language of metaphor," she added. During the last hour, callers shared dreams, and she helped them uncover their meanings.

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