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Bestselling author and a feature writer at Bloomberg Businessweek Ashlee Vance is also the host of Hello World, a travel show that centers on inventors and scientists all over the planet. In the first half, he discussed the spectacular chaos of the new business of space and what happens when the ambitious minds of Silicon Valley turn their unbridled vision toward the limitless expanse of the stars. In his new book, he explores four currently little-known private companies launching rockets and satellites, not the high-profile companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin focusing on space tourism. One of the companies, Planet Labs, was founded by a group of idealists/renegades who'd been at NASA's Ames Center; another, called Rocket Lab, created by self-taught engineer Peter Beck, has the potential to be the next SpaceX, he said, with frequent satellite launches from New Zealand.

Astra, based in California, is trying to make the cheapest, most mass-produced rocket of all time, Vance continued-- they are currently producing and launching at least one rocket per day. He finds the story of Max Polyakov particularly fascinating. A Ukrainian multimillionaire, Polyakov took over a bankrupt rocket company in Texas called Firefly and poured $250 million into it before the US government became concerned about a foreign national controlling it and forced him to sell his stake. Vance also talked about Elon Musk, whom he wrote a biography of several years ago, and the work of Pete Worden, formerly the director of NASA Ames, who is working on a high-powered space laser that can possibly push a tiny craft deep out into the universe to search for life.


Master psychic, author, and speaker Barbara Jean Lindsey experienced an NDE in 1989 that awakened her psychic ability. In the latter half, she recalled her NDE, what she saw on the Other Side, and how people can access their innate psychic ability. In the 1989 incident, while at a clinic, she felt excruciating pain and couldn't breathe. At this point, she popped out of her body and slumped to the floor. Placed in a chair, she began to channel a male voice who said he was from Egypt and was there "to kill Barbara because she has information that can't be given at this time." At that point, she flatlined and was taken to the ER. During the NDE, she felt fully present in a vast realm of undulating water and love, though she was aware she did not have a body.

Lindsey was in a coma for three days, and during that time, she had vivid experiences of the Other Side. She was shown a portal that contained a hologram of Mother Earth, and she could see "that the Earth actually had a heartbeat." She said she met an eight ft. tall being who identified himself as "the guardian" who bestowed upon her the gifts of "white light" as well as becoming an "ambassador" before she returned to her body. When she came back from the NDE, her new abilities were suddenly there, and she had immediate psychic impressions about people. One way to access psychic intuitions is to simply close your eyes, she shared, which allows you to become aware of where you are inside your body. From the inside, you can tap into your connection to the divine and access a whole new realm of information, Lindsey added. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

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