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Chemtrails & Geoengineering / Sasquatch Audio

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Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing environmental changes called geoengineering, including techniques such as chemtrails and HAARP. In the first half, he joined Connie Willis (info) to present evidence that such efforts are taking place and the agenda behind them. "The entire so-called environmental community-- governments all over the globe...are either actively or passively participating in what's called solar radiation management," which involves "intentionally putting light-scattering particles into the atmosphere to block some of the sun's incoming thermal energy to slow down the warming," he maintained. This intervention has "disabled the planet's ability to respond to the other forms of damage that the human race has done," he lamented.

Wigington said aluminum particulates from chemtrails have been found in rain and are especially toxic to the soil and microbiome. Further, he believes different agricultural regions are targeted, using weather modification as a kind of weapon. He cited climate engineering as the culprit behind the massive increases in forest fires. Geoengineering damages the ozone layer, and these changes cause trees to shut down or slow their respiration, he explained. He described video footage of aircraft, including commercial jets, turning nozzles on and off that disperse the chemical sprays. One can detect this in the sky, as an ever more silvery white haze will appear that can even block out cloud formations, he stated.


Mike Paterson of 'Sasquatch Ontario' returned to discuss what he calls the Sasquatch people and share audio of them, including "conversations" with Nef, his Sasquatch friend. His encounters with them began in 2008, particularly in a lake region of Ontario, Canada, where he was invited to investigate Sasquatch activity on private property. He now estimates that he has had some 1,000 interactions with the beings, whom he considers to be an interdimensional ancient species, highly intelligent and human in nature. The species, which he believes has the ability to materialize and disappear, is selectively choosing humans to make contact with, and their communications with his group have included vocalizations and even written messages, he reported. 

Paterson shared images, including a photo of Nef's enormous footprint in the snow and a "selfie" he said Nef took that seems to show his face in close-up. In the numerous audio recordings presented on the show (mainly in the last hour), Paterson's calls are answered by a distinct voice that sometimes sounds like speech, and other times is more of a guttural or grunting vocalization that is close to the microphone, and mixed in with sounds of nature. In one of the clips, the being he identifies as Nef (whom he estimates to be over nine ft. tall) clearly says out loud, "We love you." 

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