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Compelling UFO Cases / Consciousness Movement

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Mark Carlotto, Ph.D., is an aerospace engineer with over thirty years of experience in satellite imaging and remote sensing. In the first half, he discussed some of the compelling UFO cases on record that he's researched. He studied the 1989 "Guardian" case in Carp, Ontario, Canada, digitally enhancing the original video footage, and in so doing, detected a curious spherical object above the main UFO. While one of the videos of the 2011 UFO incident above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem turned out to be a hoax, he found several others correlating with each other and observing the same phenomenon- an aerial object hovering and then shooting straight up. According to his analysis, the craft was at one point moving at Mach 7-- seven times the speed of sound, which a human pilot could not survive.

Carlotto looked at the space shuttle STS-48 and STS-80 videos and found that there were unidentified objects near the shuttles that were moving in curved trajectories at extreme speeds, as well as an inexplicable flash of light coming from the Earth. He also commented on the recent NASA hearing on UAP, noting that the space agency is seeking to shape the science behind the phenomenon, which he feels may not be the best strategy. For more on this, view Carlotto's recent blog post. Later, Richard C. Hoagland phoned in to express a more enthusiastic response to the hearing, suggesting that NASA would now, in addition to researching anomalous aerial cases, look for "extraterrestrial artifacts across the solar system."


In the 1990s, Steve Farrell co-founded and led two high-growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley, but he felt a calling to play a role in creating a consciousness movement. In the latter half, he spoke about the global movement to awaken people to the interconnectedness and oneness of everything and the concept of conscious living. He found that his dream of financial success in Silicon Valley was a kind of mirage, always pursuing bigger monetary goals. And so, he gave that up and instead sought out the 'New Universal Dream' (the title of his new book), where we feel consciously connected to the world around us and can mature as a species.

He cited writing by Albert Einstein about how a human being experiences themselves as separate but this is an "optical delusion" that restricts us. Einstein said, "Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature." Conscious living takes place when we follow the "wisdom center of our soul," Farrell said, rather than the logic center of the mind. To start such a journey, he recommended increasing one's awareness and creating some time and silence around you. "You can even pray and speak to the God of your understanding, where you ask for things...Start noticing how you're being supported and guided," he detailed. Farrell has made the first four chapters of his book available for free viewing.

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