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China & Biotechnology / Ancient Civilization Mysteries

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In the first half, geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert discussed the decades-long pursuit by the Chinese government to dominate an upcoming fourth Industrial Revolution, in which China leads the world in technologies like biotech, quantum computing, AI, and hypersonic weaponry. The target date for implementing this "China Dream" aspired to by President Xi Jinping is about 2049, which marks the 100-year anniversary of China's communist revolution, explained Weichert. He argued that control in these arenas would mean nothing less than an existential threat to humanity.

Weichert called Xi a "deeply disturbing individual" whose leadership is among the most dangerous in the world. One frustrating aspect of China's ambition for world domination is that countries like the United States have not only tolerated its progress toward this goal, but have facilitated it through a favorable trade policy, loose control of our intellectual capital, and failing to hold China accountable for its role in the most recent global pandemic, he contended.


In the second half, researcher Jason Martell detailed his latest efforts to discover more about ancient civilizations. His research has led him to observe, for example, that many cultures throughout history have developed mythologies related to bodies of water. Martell said it's difficult to unlock the mysteries that his research presents, but that clearly the position of the stars and planets have guided the beliefs— and even the rise and fall —of civilizations over time.

Martel is interested in the technologies used by ancient cultures, and especially in evidence of the relationship between humans and aliens; he cited the outer design of the ancient Mayan king Pakal's tomb, which appears to show Pakal operating a rocket ship.

He's also developed an AI module which he uses to mine existing data for evidence of these ancient astronauts. He demonstrated the module by asking it why so many people listen to Coast to Coast, as well as what it knew about the infamous UFO crash at Roswell.

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