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In the first half, Dr. Michael Salla, a pioneer in the development of exopolitics and author of exposés of US government policies on ET life, shared revelations of a currently active US Army soldier who reports off-world missions and contacts with Nordic-appearing extraterrestrials. Salla said he first received communications from the soldier known as "JP" in 2008, when he described his contact with ET beings and his subsequent inventions inspired by his alien interactions. The inventions attracted attention within the covert intelligence world, according to JP, whom Salla said he has met several times over the years, and reviewed his documentation. In September 2017, JP gave Salla numerous photographs of triangle and rectangle-shaped UFOs he witnessed in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

JP said that some of the "antigravity" triangular craft were part of covert operations at MacDill and had missions around the planet and into space. Among JP's claims are that he was taken to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to view a submerged ancient spacecraft, and in 2022, he was brought to one of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede, where he witnessed extraterrestrial bases and interacted with aliens in a multinational space mission. JP has also reported experiences with 'Inner Earth' civilizations, where he enters subterranean complexes and meets with Nordics, who typically have futuristic technology. In "one of the underground civilizations he went to, he saw a giant spaceport," which contained hundreds of flying saucer-styled craft, Salla recounted.


Psychic medium, and Sekhem master of the healing arts, Diana Mary Rose is also a classically trained homeopath. In the latter half, she talked about the messages from her spirit guides and how they channeled information to her about the lost continent of Atlantis. According to her higher sources, the first Atlanteans were alien scientists who came from another planetary system in order to restore the Earth's oxygen supplies after there was a cataclysm here. They installed ley lines beneath the ground that act as energy centers and foster plant growth on the planet's surface, she continued. There were at least three crash landings of their craft due to atmospheric conditions, Rose added.

The Atlantean scientists, who also visited the moon, eventually returned to their planet after they helped Earth establish a "self-healing" mode, she said, and though they left, their science and ideas underpin the history of later civilizations. On the subject of karma, she suggested that issues related to our past lives lead to the unresolved nature of our current existence and various situations we find ourselves in. "Everything we do in the reincarnational cycle is about moving forward into enlightenment, becoming more noble beings," Rose commented. During the last hour, she offered readings for callers.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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