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Russia, Ukraine & Geopolitics / Arcturian Emissary

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In the first half, journalist and documentary filmmaker Robert Young Pelton offered commentary on the Russia-Ukraine war, turmoil in other hot spots, and the geopolitical landscape. He spent a month in Ukraine and was impressed with how putting citizens into uniforms and on the front lines didn't result in a lot of bureaucracy. The Ukrainians were highly motivated to defend their homeland, whereas the Russian army operates under a different system using conscripts and slow logistics, and has suffered heavy casualties, he noted. There is a lot of disgruntlement among the Russian oligarchs, said Pelton, and he believes the Ukraine conflict may only come to an end when Putin's leadership is overthrown.

Russia is the most visible proponent of a "multipolar world" beyond the agenda of the US and the West, while China is best poised to create allies that ignore the US and weaken its international control, he remarked. Countries like Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, and Brazil are also forming foreign policies independent of American goals, he added, and some are benefiting from the chaos, high oil prices, and scarce commodities. Autocracies are looking to replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency as American influence continues to shrink, he suggested. It's quizzical why some countries like Sudan are fighting among factions, as they reportedly want control of the government, yet there is no government. "If you do some research into why these wars exist, they are absolutely manipulated conflicts," Pelton stated.


Author, international public speaker, and advocate for planetary evolution, Viviane Chauvet is an emissary for the Federation of Light and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars LLC. In the latter half, she explained that she actually considers herself an Arcturian being at a soul level. Arcturians are known as one of the most enlightened and intergalactic civilizations, and they have been interacting with our planet for millions of years, Chauvet said. She is not part of any alien hybrid program but rather "a truly unique prototype," who chose to come to Earth. On their native planet, Arcturians are about 10 to 15 ft. tall, with graceful elongated limbs, loving eyes, translucent skin, and no hair, she revealed, adding that they can live up to 800 to 1,000 years.

Chauvet said she experiences her life both on Earth as well as on Arcturus, where she communes with elders on a council. She characterized Arcturus as "a realm of great unification," where souls arrive from around the multiverse and receive rejuvenation and healing. The Arcturians practice multidimensional frequency healing, based on a holistic synergetic system, she detailed. Chauvet also disclosed that decades ago, the Arcturians, who traverse the universe through a kind of thought projection, met with the Eisenhower administration but didn't strike a deal with them because they were asked to share their technology, and they were reluctant to do so.

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