Life & Death of Marilyn / A Strange Investigation

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Life & Death of Marilyn / A Strange Investigation

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In the first half, author Jay Margolis discussed his new work on the life of Marilyn Monroe and his ongoing investigation into her death, which he concluded was a murder. Margolis collaborated with Terry Karger on her memoir detailing how she and her family befriended Monroe before she was famous and up until her death in 1962. She saw a non-Hollywood side of Monroe that few others knew about; in some ways, Karger was like a surrogate daughter or younger sister to her, Margolis recalled. The "Marilyn behind the mask," he continued, was overly generous, very intelligent (she had over 400 books in her collection), and not at all arrogant, and Karger wanted to set the record straight with the memoir.

Just two days before her death, Monroe had threatened to hold a press conference revealing what was in her diary, including details of her affairs with JFK and Robert Kennedy and government secrets she'd learned from them, including revelations about UFOs and assassination attempts on Fidel Castro. Rather than take an overdose of pills, Margolis believes she was given a drug-laced enema that knocked her out and accounted for the purplish color of her colon in the autopsy. Later, when ambulance attendants seemed to be successfully reviving her with a resuscitator, her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson suddenly arrived and plunged a syringe of brownish fluid into her heart, which Margolis suggested was an act of murder.


In the latter half, UK historical detective and modern-day adventurer Graham Phillips spoke about his and co-author Jodi Russell's recent investigation of a mysterious, nineteenth-century secret society called the Order of Meonia and the many strange coincidences and paranormal mysteries they experienced during their research. The Order, which existed in the mid-19th century, claimed to have found in an old burial mound in central England a small stone in the shape of a heart, which they called the Heart of the Rose. "They believed that it had extraordinary supernatural powers," he said, specifically the power to alter fate and time and even to cross into different universes.

One of the Order members, Mary Heath, described finding the heart-shaped stone during an archaeological dig and subsequently gaining psychic powers. She reportedly led a group to dig at a particular site where documents of the Knights Templar sealed in lead containers were uncovered, as she had predicted. As he and Russell went in search of the Heart of the Rose, they experienced a number of anomalous events, including when they visited the old burial mound where Mary Heath was said to originally find the stone. Though it was a sunny day, a sudden violent storm took place just overhead, though it was clear nearby. A ball of light seemed to shoot from the mounds and into the bushes, he recounted. Additionally, strange people seemed to appear from nowhere, providing them with important information concerning their investigation and then oddly vanish.

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