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UAP Revelations / Divine Councils

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In the first half, former UK government UFO investigator Nick Pope discussed the recent NASA UAP meeting, the remarkable testimony of former US intelligence insider David Grusch, and other UFO-related topics. Regarding Grusch's account, it is undisputed that he was genuinely an intelligence insider, and sat on the government's UAP Task Force. Grusch came forward with revelations that the US government has retrieved crashed alien ships, and even dead alien pilots, yet the problem with his extraordinary claims is that he was told this by people he liaised with but was shown no proof or evidence, Pope said. Grusch also disclosed that there was a UFO crash retrieval in Italy in 1933 that the Vatican knew about.

Perhaps, the most interesting thing about the NASA meeting on unidentified craft was that it happened at all, he commented, as just a few years ago, they would have ignored this subject. While NASA is offering their valuable scientific and technical expertise, they are hampered because they don't have access to a lot of the classified information, Pope suggested. He also reported on Prof. Avi Loeb's Galileo Project, in which he is traveling to Papa New Guinea to search for an interstellar meteor-- '1M1,' the first verified object from outside of our solar system to crash here (Loeb is blogging about the expedition on Medium). Pope announced that he is part of the Ancient Aliens Live Tour, a stage show which will continue with dates this fall across the US.


Journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini has gone on an incredible journey searching for evidence of the afterlife via hypnotherapy and past life regressions. In the latter half, he spoke about "Divine Councils" – a group of spiritual beings that watch over our lives. Martini asks the council members questions by taking various people into a guided meditation or hypnotic state, where they can communicate with the spiritual entities. In some cases, the council members project themselves as talking animals. One of Martini's clients described a squirrel on his council. The squirrel, whose most recent lifetime was on Earth, eloquently recalled the tree he lived in, which had been cut down. "We can help balance climate by planting a trillion trees," the squirrel advised.

We are all tethered to a council throughout our lives, Martini continued, adding that each person has 6-10 council members associated with them. During one session where Martini was hypnotized by a therapist, he returned to a previous hypnotic location-- inside an auditorium with his friend who had passed away, and a teacher who was a "10 ft. tall green fellow." Martini conducted a visualization session with George, asking him to picture himself on a boat, where one of the passengers turned out to be Don Rickles. Later, in the visualization, George said different deceased family members were present, and Martini briefly asked questions of them.

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