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Nephilim Visitation / Angels & Harp Music

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Steven Machat is an entertainment icon and a renowned music industry and showbiz attorney. In the first half, he discussed his contention that the Nephilim came to Earth from the planet Nibiru to retrieve gold and why they had the need to create a new physical Earth species called mankind. Basing his account on such sources as the ancient Sumerian tablets, and Zecharia Sitchin's works, he said that the Nephilim needed the gold to stabilize the atmosphere of their home world, and keep the heat out. Mining in such locations as South Africa, they converted the gold into a liquid to transfer aboard their spaceships, he continued.

The Nephilim, who first arrived here 430,000 years ago, started reproducing with humans, and the offspring could be considered "demigods," Machat said, and later, they created mankind in five stages, starting around 300,000 years ago. The story of Sodom & Gomorrah was actually a nuclear attack by the Nephilim against the human race after they came into conflict with them, he suggested. Machat considers humans to be a prisoner in certain ways, still under some of the built-in restraints of being created by the Nephilim, and this has led to such things as poverty and wars.


Peter Sterling is a master harpist and sound traveler. In the latter half, he described his years of being guided by angels, who have provided him with the knowledge to assist humanity in opening to new dimensional awareness. Sterling recalled how decades ago, while on a spiritual quest in Sedona, Arizona, he first encountered a flock of angels during a meditation session in the canyons, when he began to hear a divine sound. He was taken up into a golden light where he saw a group of cherubs playing musical instruments. He learned telepathically that his life's mission was to play the harp and "channel the heavenly sound" he had experienced.

He actually was taught to play the harp with an angel "overshadowing" his body and using the instrument through him, Sterling revealed. In angelology, the cherubs are one of the highest order of angels, existing closest to God, and they serve as "intermediaries for humanity and the higher spiritual councils of the universe," he detailed. Their main function, he added, is to assist individuals in connecting to the divinity within themselves. "The music that the angels have given me is a doorway," Sterling remarked, and when people listen to it, they may experience beautiful inner visions or feel a powerful lifting of an emotional burden.

Toward the end of the show, in honor of Windsor, Ontario radio station CKLW returning as a Coast affiliate, George played a recording of "The Americans," made by Canadian radio legend Byron MacGregor, who was associated with CKLW.

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