Alternative Health / Tesla's Inventions & Tunguska

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Alternative Health / Tesla's Inventions & Tunguska

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. The supplement berberine, a phytonutrient found in certain plants, helps maintain healthy blood sugar and is also good for the eyes, the immune system, and the nervous system, he reported. To fend off heavy metal toxicities (such as might be discovered through hair testing), he recommended chelation therapy, as well as charcoal and/or clay.

For combating glycation, a bodily process associated with diabetes and other health problems, he suggested niacin and selenium, as well as Vitamin B1 (thiamine)-- which also has anti-aging properties and is beneficial for dealing with peripheral neuropathy. Epsom salts, when used in a bath, can have a relaxing effect and serve to detoxify the body, he noted, adding that the salts contain magnesium. For a caller with lung issues, he advised practicing breathing techniques (like Wim Hof) and taking probiotics, Vitamins C & E, and the supplement NAC.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist and past life regressionist Dr. Bruce Goldberg spoke about Nikola Tesla's inventions, including his so-called 'death ray,' and a device he reportedly was developing to communicate with the dead. In June 1908, the massive Tunguska explosion in remote Siberia left an estimated 80 million trees flattened. While scientists believe this event was caused by the impact of an asteroid which exploded in the atmosphere, Goldberg shared an alternative theory involving Tesla. Admiral Robert Peary was going on an expedition to the North Pole, and Tesla offered to light up the sky in the Arctic to help guide Peary, as well as bring public attention to his inventions, Goldberg recounted. According to this theory, Tesla's death ray from Long Island overshot and instead traveled all the way to Siberia, causing the mysterious detonation.

In 1901, Tesla was considering contacting spirits from the Other Side while experimenting with a crystal radio powered by electromagnetic waves. "The signals he picked up one night were so unnerving that his scientific mind couldn't help but think of ghosts," Goldberg said, which led Tesla to try and create a device that could record the voices of the departed. Tesla may have been the first to work with what we today think of as EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), Goldberg noted, adding that the dead make use of the electromagnetic spectrum to communicate with the living. Sometime later, Tesla's rival Thomas Edison attempted to develop a 'spirit phone,' though the prototype he tested did not produce positive results.

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