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Publisher of Skeptic magazine, Michael Shermer, holds a PhD in the history of science from Claremont and was a monthly columnist for Scientific American for 18 years. In the first half, he shared his perspectives on such topics as UFOs, UAP, conspiracies, the afterlife, and beliefs he considers irrational. Regarding UAP and inexplicable objects witnesses see in the sky, he doesn't deny that they may be observing something unusual, but he believes there is a terrestrial explanation, like drones, spy balloons, or advanced military technology. The government isn't going to tell us in the case of national security secrets because they don't want their enemies to find out, he added. Shermer also pointed out that no convincing photos of alien spacecraft have emerged.

While some conspiracy theories have proven true, many are false, irrational, and spread more rapidly these days through the Internet and social media. Shermer contended that JFK was killed by the lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, and that the long-standing conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy's death are unfounded. He suggested that because JFK was the most powerful person in the world at the time he was killed, people found it hard to believe it was just Oswald that did him in-- in other words, an imbalance between cause and effect, which is why conspiracy theories focused on adding layers to the cause of death: the CIA, the mafia, the Military Industrial Complex, etc. The same could be said for the death of Princess Diana, he added. Shermer also touched on fake moon landing and 9-11 conspiracies.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative journalist Cheryll Jones spoke to life-long experiencer Lady Ann Selene about her fascinating and chilling interactions with ghosts, shadow figures, and cryptids. Selene revealed how some people use "taunting" to conjure spirits at different supposedly haunted sites, and this can sometimes inadvertently create a negative egregore or thought form that did not previously exist there. Before she enters any spiritual location, she uses a white light protection visualization, Selene told Cheryll. One of her most terrifying encounters was when she saw a cloud of smoke take a human form and then walk down the road. She saw the figure move through an invisible door, and then it appeared in the window of a neighboring apartment building. It was disturbing that the figure could appear wherever it wanted, she commented.

Selene also recalled a ghost hunt investigation, where a person was using a Spirit Box with the Estes Method (blindfolded and wearing noise-canceling headphones), blurting out the words coming through, which had to do with something lost in the woods. So the team headed out to the forest, where Selene heard ominous footsteps and saw a frightening shadow of a Sasquatch. Regarding her spiritual and paranormal investigations, her biggest takeaway is that "we are creators of our reality. So if everything is made up, including our thoughts, the more we put thought into something, the more ability we have to be able to manifest it."

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