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After Ali Siadatan had a close-up UFO sighting on the road to Isfahan in his native Persia, he looked deeper into the modern-day UFO/ET phenomena. As he went down the rabbit hole, an astonishing paradigm-shifting tale emerged that he felt needed to be told. Siadatan joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) on Saturday's program for an update on how his understanding of reality was completely altered after his sighting and how it guided him to make his "UFOs Angels & Gods" documentary.

"The UFO phenomenon is, in fact, a manifestation of the world of God and angels in the physical realm," Siadatan explained. He cited accounts from the Bible of people being transported by heavenly craft, including Elijah in a Chariot of Fire and Jesus in the clouds at his ascension. "There is definitely something that carries them," he said. According to Siadatan, these kinds of vehicles transport both good and bad angels as well. This idea has largely been lost in Christianity because teachers, such as St. Augustine, placed heavenly creatures into another realm, he noted.

"Angels and the world of God is seen as a magical, mystical world of spirits... completely divorced from the laws of the creation and from the universe as we know it, but that's not what the Bible says," Siadatan continued. These heavenly vehicles and their inhabitants have been rebranded by demons as UFOs and aliens, he revealed. This took centuries of planning and was done in order to go to war against God. "The idea is that [demons] are going to rebrand the coming of the Lord and his angels as an alien invasion, and rally the nations against the second coming of Christ," Siadatan said.

Catching the Night Stalker

Detective Gil Carrillo worked as a homicide investigator for 21 years in Los Angeles, where he was called upon to investigate all types of murders, including serial killings and officer-involved shootings. In the first hour, Carrillo discussed how he helped capture the infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker. Ramirez seemed to act randomly in the kinds of people he chose as victims and in the areas where he prowled for them, Carrillo revealed. "His only consistency was his inconsistency," he said, noting a pattern did start to emerge from surviving victims. "It appeared that he wanted to see fear in his victims before he hurt them," Carrillo said. The survivors described a similar assailant, he added. Carrillo also spoke about how a distinctive shoe print finally provided a tangible clue that linked Ramirez's crimes and ultimately led to his conviction.

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