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Researcher of environmental issues and a former engineer and business executive, Steve Goreham, shared his critique of the "green" agenda, which he contends is based on faulty climate modeling. He argued that global warming is due to natural cycles rather than human causes, and that essentially there is no upward trend for increased or stronger storms like hurricanes over recent decades. "We do not have abnormally warm temperatures today," he remarked, "there are many times in the last 10,000 years when it was naturally warmer than today." The Earth is dominated by long-term cycles, like the ice ages followed by warm periods, and these are related to the Earth's orbit around the sun, and the tilt of the planet's axis, he explained.

Goreham believes the push for all-electric vehicles on behalf of reduced carbon dioxide is misguided. Though charging your EV at home is practical, when people need to recharge on the road, the process can be very slow, or the stations may be in isolated locations. Further, he noted that electric batteries are extremely heavy and expensive, which significantly raises the price of the vehicles. Because of 'green' legislation, manufacturers may be forced to stop producing internal combustion engines in the future, and this is taking away freedom and choice from the consumer, he pointed out. A similar situation is occurring with gas stoves, with bans in certain states on putting these appliances in new construction. Conversely, 19 states have passed laws prohibiting cities and counties from banning gas stoves, he noted.


Founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, Vernon Mahabal, combines astrology with palmistry to predict trends based on repeated patterns he sees in the palms he reads. In the latter half, he shared what he foresees for the United States and world situations and explained his analysis process. There are 12 segments on our fingers, which represent the zodiac signs, and the planets are on our palms, he said, adding that the thumb is not ruled by a planet or sign and represents our free will. Mahabal predicted that the US economy will be in better shape by November, and the upswing would continue into the first half of next year.

Based on the study of his hands, he foresees that Donald Trump will likely be the Republican nominee but will not win the 2024 presidential election. He envisions that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s popularity and polling will surge next year, though he suggested that Pres. Biden will step down and be replaced by Gavin Newsom. He predicted that Russia will control all of Ukraine within five to six months from now, and the UN and America won't do anything about it. Mahabal has been very intrigued by the hands of Americans from 14-24 years old, calling them the "second greatest generation." They are going to be very moral, goal-oriented, ambitious, and pride themselves on being upstanding citizens, he declared. During the last hour, he gave readings for callers.

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