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Dark Entities / Open Lines

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Author and podcaster Heidi Hollis discussed the dark entity known as the Hat Man as well as Shadow People, demons, and UFO/alien phenomena. Hollis, who grew up in a haunted house, recalled seeing a Shadow Person following her friend. "It was absolutely menacing... and I knew it was angry that I saw it," she said. According to Hollis, she closed her eyes, prayed, and was able to walk through the entity. Soon after this experience, Hollis started seeing shadowy spider-looking things in her bedroom. "I would wake up to them falling from the ceiling," she admitted.

"God is real, so is Christ, and so are these dark entities that are coming from other places and, essentially, taking advantage of us," Hollis continued, noting her mission in life is to speak about God and warn about interactions with the Hat Man and Shadow People. They are an interdimensional and intergalactic threat that turns people against each other, she added. Hollis connected Shadow People and Hat Man to UFO/alien phenomena and to spiritual beings, pointing out that the Hat Man is really the Devil. "These Shadow People and Hat Man like to reach in and tug on people's souls," she reported.

Hollis also talked about her own encounter with a small pink-colored childlike being who taught her about the battle for our souls. "I was told the Shadow People and Hat Man presence would grow to an exponential level, and it is now at that level," she disclosed, promising to reveal more information at a later date.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Mike in Denver told George about a recent report on a star cluster in the Milky Way galaxy known as M92 that is as old as the universe (as it is currently dated). "It's a densely-packed group of stars, it's roughly about 27 light years from Earth, and it's about 14 billion years old," he said. Mike suggested this discovery is significant and could change the dating of the universe.

Charles from Joplin, Missouri, recalled a terrible storm that hit the area where he lived on July 31, 1986. That day, Charles was watching the approaching storm and spotted a blue heron flying back and forth in the sky, then directly at him. That led his eyes to the garden. "Right above our garden, there was an angel," he recalled. Charles described the angel as appearing like a moth with a veiled face, and credited it with protecting his house during a severe storm that downed several trees on his property.

The last half hour featured a replay of author Varla Ventura talking about spiritualism, séances, and Ouija boards.

News segment guest: Kevin Randle

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