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Red Light Demons

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World-renowned psychic medium and Oxford-educated attorney Mark Anthony joined host Ian Punnett (Twitter) to talk about a fascinating chapter in paranormal research about soldiers in Vietnam who reportedly saw demons while wearing red light lens night vision goggles. During that war, the United States designed and built red night vision goggles. The theory was red night vision goggles would allow soldiers' eyes to maintain daylight sensitivities and more easily switch from day to night vision because red light does not force the eye to adapt to low light conditions, Anthony explained. Red light also stimulates the brain's neurons to increase reflex time and spatial awareness, he added.

The new goggles were issued to mostly airborne troops in 1965, and the whole bizarre episode took place over about 60 days, Anthony continued. A week after the soldiers were issued the red night vision goggles, their behavior began to change. "The men started acting strangely, they started talking about things that nobody else could see... they were fixated at staring at treetops, then they started having discipline problems and actually began fighting among themselves," he noted.

According to Anthony, a pivotal incident happened during a helicopter patrol over a relatively peaceful area of Vietnam when a gunner wearing the red night vision goggles opened fire at something at the same altitude as the chopper. "The gunner cried out he was shooting at demons, he kept screaming demons," Anthony reported, noting the gunner described the beings as horrible-looking, with horns, and flying toward the chopper. Officers and pilots had been ordered not to wear the red night vision goggles, but an officer aboard the helicopter ordered the gunner to remove his goggles and then put them on himself. "He saw several grotesque winged humanoid creatures flying up from the treetops below toward the helicopter," Anthony reported.

This was not an isolated event. "For weeks, reports kept coming in about flying monsters spotted by soldiers who wore the red night vision goggles," Anthony disclosed. Officers who disobeyed their orders and wore the red night vision goggles described seeing gargoyles or demons, and anyone who wore them indicated the creatures would come after them as soon as they saw them, he noted. Use of the red night vision goggles was abruptly canceled after 60 days. Soldiers who had worn the goggles were mentally unstable for months after the experience, Anthony revealed, adding the military has since switched to green light night vision goggles.

Weather Anomalies

In the first hour, former TV weatherman Scott Stevens commented on weather anomalies in the news, including the extreme heat wave scorching parts of the U.S., and a massive dust cloud heading toward Florida from the Sahara. He also spoke about climate change and weather manipulation. "I am more and more of the opinion that there is no natural weather," he said, noting data from weather satellites supports his claim. "You can see where they're playing with the weather," he asserted.

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