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Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, has conducted consciousness research for nearly four decades and held appointments at various think tanks, including SRI International. In the first half, he discussed his work on the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) and his investigations into psychic and spiritual phenomena. The original GCP ran from 1998 to 2015 and was based on 500 large-scale events such as 9-11, earthquakes, massive tsunamis, and the death of JFK Jr., which were seen as having a global impact. The analysis of random number generators (RNGs) stationed worldwide showed unexpected non-random structure in what should have been truly random data, particularly around events like 9-11. That suggests that fluctuations in global coherent consciousness are "influencing" randomness all the time, he remarked.

Radin announced a new project-- GCP 2.0, which is recruiting people willing to host one of the newly designed RNGs, which are higher density, allowing for a more sensitive way to detect the hypothesized mind-matter interactions and localize where effects are occurring. He described an experiment he conducted using 13 years of Twitter data across ten languages to see if a collective sentiment metric based on the words used in tweets could relate to future unpredictable events. The result showed that tweet sentiment did anticipate unpredictable negative events two weeks in advance, suggesting a kind of global presentiment of the future, he cited. Radin also detailed his experiment to test energy medicine with a variety of spiritual and Reiki healers working on clients with carpal tunnel-type pain, and a significant reduction in overall pain was reported during the test.


Morgana Rae is a teacher, speaker, and pioneer in personal development who has created a Relationship with Money coaching method. During the latter half, she shared secrets for discovering and eliminating mental, emotional, and even supernatural blocks that prevent people from realizing their full financial potential. To start the process of improving your relationship with money, she suggested uncovering the things in one's life that have made you feel unloved, unworthy, or unsafe. These can be a root cause for financial problems as money represents safety and love, she explained. Then, you can personify your financial obstacles into what she calls a "money monster," a tangible fusion of all the negative emotions and feelings related to this issue.

In Rae's case, she imagined her "money monster" as a violent biker dude and was able to excise him from her life and replace him with a "money honey," whom she envisioned as a beloved male that was romantic and gentle. It's like casting a spell, and you want to make these visions as real as possible, she continued. The reason she focuses on money rather than other life issues is that it becomes the "number one excuse" people focus on for things or desires they can't have. Other techniques she discussed included practicing gratitude, and goal setting using small steps in order to build confidence and momentum. Manifestation, she added, can result from actions built up over time and may appear in unexpected directions or places.

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