Gun Rights / The Reincarnation Trap

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Gun Rights / The Reincarnation Trap

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In the first half, John R. Lott, activist, and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, discussed his latest work researching the data surrounding gun crime and pending gun control legislation. Reacting to the statistic that there have been around 400 mass shootings in the United States so far this year, he commented that 87% of them are "basically gang fights" related to drugs and that the mass shootings that garner so much publicity are just "five or six or seven or eight of those a year." The mass shooters typically choose places "where their victims are not allowed to go and defend themselves," he said. For instance, the Nashville school shooter had chosen a mall apparently as his first target but decided not to go there because he realized it had armed guards and that civilians could carry concealed, so he picked the school instead, Lott detailed.

As far as crime reduction, beyond law enforcement and tougher sentencing, the private ownership of guns can serve as a deterrent, according to Lott. The police get there almost always after a crime occurs, so it makes sense for people to defend themselves, and it's generally the most vulnerable people in our society, who benefit the most from owning guns, he added. Lott cited details from Mexico which has severe gun control laws and only one gun store in the whole nation, yet the country has a huge problem with illegally owned guns, and their murder rate has doubled. Lott was critical of polls and surveys conducted in America about crime and guns, which he believes skew their results by the way the questions are formulated. He also commented on controversies surrounding government regulations on "pistol braces," which have been used in several mass shootings.


Isabella A. Greene is a metaphysical specialist, spiritual healer, and author in service to the evolution of consciousness and ascension of humanity. In the latter half, she spoke about what happens after death and how reincarnation can be a form of entrapment. At the moment of passing, as the soul emerges from the body, people often find themselves in a tunnel of white light, which brings them into the afterlife dimension, she explained. That dimension is "populated by the beings who I call the handlers of the incarnation cycle," and they present you with a life review, she continued. According to Greene, the handlers, who often appear angelic in form, tell the soul that they didn't do so well in this lifetime in that they made people suffer in one way or another and that they need to reincarnate in order to go back to "pay off your karmic lessons."

Intriguingly, she suggested that when people are greeted by loved ones on the Other Side, they are actually the handlers just posing as deceased relatives, as they are able to shape-shift into any form they choose. On average, souls end up reincarnating in a new body within three years of their last life, she detailed. Greene emphasized that we have free will and should have a choice about whether we want to continue reincarnating rather than being tricked into it by the handlers. She also discussed her process of "quantum travel," in which she visits the void or state of samadhi-- a glorious experience of source consciousness and "the true fabric of our soul," which offers an alternative to reincarnation.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, John Truman Wolfe

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