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True Crime Cases

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Author, researcher, and comedy writer Dawna Kaufmann writes true crime books with Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, the world's best-known medical examiner. She joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) on Saturday's program to update her work on some of the highest-profile crimes and criminals of the past decades, including cases involving Jon Benet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, and Daniel Wayne Smith, son of Anna Nicole Smith.

Kaufmann commented on the JonBenét Ramsey cold case. There were only three people in the house on the night of JonBenét's death: her parents, Patsy and John Ramsey, and their son Burke. "The ongoing sexual injuries that happened to the child are the key to the case," Kaufmann suggested, pointing out three gynecological experts confirmed this was a sex crime. Kaufmann also dismissed the alleged confession of convicted pedophile Gary Oliva.

Regarding Daniel Wayne Smith, Kaufmann reported he died in his mother's hospital room in the Bahamas after she had given birth to her daughter. The cause of death was an accidental drug overdose, she noted. According to Kaufmann, when she and Dr. Wecht wrote about the case in 2008, about 40% of the death cases coming into coroner's offices involved multiple drug toxicity deaths. "Now it's way up from that," she disclosed.

Kaufmann also spoke about Bryan Kohberger, a criminal justice Ph.D. student who has been indicted for the gruesome murders of four University of Idaho students. She called Kohberger's alibi that he was out driving alone, nowhere near the murders inept. Both his cell phone and car computer tracked him to the area where the crimes took place, she reported. "Then he does something that is just so stupid... he turns off his cell phone for the time that the murders were [taking place]," she added.

Regenerative Agriculture

In the first hour, David Blume talked about sustainable fuels, regenerative agriculture, and the cannabis industry. "Gasoline is actually garbage... it's the waste product from making everything valuable out of oil," Blume explained, noting Brazil exports most of its oil because the country runs on renewable fuels. "If we weren't importing oil, can you imagine how much more capital we'd have in this country if we produced all of our fuel here," he suggested.

Blume defined regenerative agriculture as a philosophy that seeks to repair and improve the environment. He revealed how fertilizers and pesticides sterilize the natural organic biology of the soil and make us dependent on industrial chemicals for agriculture. Blume also disclosed how he helped cannabis farmers increase their yields by teaching them how to increase carbon dioxide levels in their greenhouses to get three times the product per square foot.

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