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After suffering demonic attachment and poltergeist activity, Lindsey Scharmyn was forced to deal with spiritual and paranormal forces to survive. During Friday's program, she discussed her spiritual journey, the danger posed by dark forces, and how she uses the Tarot to access past lives and heal trauma that can affect one's current life.

Scharmyn recalled how her life took a dark turn after she started giving Tarot readings. "I started to experience some poltergeist activity, I started to experience strange presences and entities in my home, and I started to experience also sleep paralysis," she reported. According to Scharmyn, this ultimately led to a demonic confrontation. "I had to find my way out of that," she said, noting demons will attach themselves to those who have a strong channel. Demons want to move into this realm more easily so they can draw people into the negative aspects of life, Scharmyn added.

The reason Scharmyn was the target of a demonic attachment has to do with how she was taught to do Tarot. The woman from whom she learned would call out to "a spirit," so this is also Scharmyn did when she began giving readings. Calling out to "a spirit," however, turned out to be an invitation for any random entity to connect with her. Now, Scharmyn knows to only call on loving energies. "I do Tarot readings still... I'm connecting only with the source of love in the universe," she explained.

Scharmyn spoke about her spiritual guides and allies who helped her learn how to do past life readings using Tarot. Through them, she developed a specific layout that allowed her to use Tarot to get a snapshot of a client's past life, see some of their challenges that came from that life, then how that past life may be affecting their present life and future. "It can help people heal... and transform in this life," she said. Scharmyn also did Tarot readings for callers.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Ed in Charlotte, North Carolina, told George, "a lot of pretty bad things are getting ready to happen." Ed warned George to stay out of Los Angeles because the "power grid is very iffy" and if a heatwave hits there, hospitals will be clogged with thousands of people seeking treatment for heat stroke. "All this stuff has been predetermined," he suggested. Regarding finance, Ed theorized the government could take up to 30% of someone's retirement income when they take the dollar away. He also pointed out how detrimental it would be to the U.S. economy if the nation lost its reserve status.

James from Newport News, Virginia, phoned in to tell George he has recently updated his book, "Blessed With an Angel and a Rainbow," with a recent sign of the Rapture. "I'm very familiar with the Rapture when all these things happen... it's just a blessing to be able to know it before all these things happen to show we are in those End Times, and it's very obvious to someone who's read Revelation," he explained. According to James, chapter 3 of Revelation speaks about the church faithful who will be spared from the Great Tribulation. "We're in those times," James reiterated. He pointed to Revelation 12, which he asserted came true before the last election. "We've had a lot of negative influence in these times," James suggested. He also revealed one of God's curses is open borders.

The final half-hour featured a replay of spiritual warrior Bill Bean talking about demon possession.

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