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Financial Astrology / ETs, Gods, & Angels

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Former Silicon Valley computer scientist William Stickevers is now a full-time international astrologer specializing in archetypal, financial, and geopolitical astrology. In the first half, he outlined the astrological aspects of the current global financial chaos, and shared predictions for what he sees ahead on the economic and geopolitical front. The five BRIC nations are considering a new gold-backed currency, rivaling the United States reserve currency used in worldwide trade. "I'm foreseeing 20 countries joining these five nations," and this will be a means for them to bypass the US reserve currency, and that will cause a lowering of the US reserve, he said. Their plan, he added, "does not include a world that is dominated in the 21st century by America."

The stock market is currently overheated, he suggested, with the positioning of Jupiter and Uranus indicating a continued inflationary situation. Around the time of the October solar eclipse, he predicted that a major credit event would occur that reveals we are now in a recession. Stickevers also foresees instability in China, with liquidity drying up and a possible global currency shortage. As far as financial investments, he thinks gold will rise in value, though, in recent times, he believes its price has been suppressed. He is bullish on Bitcoin and projected its value to rise from its current $30,000 to $300,000 by the year 2025 and that it will become the new world reserve currency. During the second hour, he provided readings to callers.


ET experiencer and UFO researcher Ella LeBain, studied under Zecharia Sitchin. In the latter half, she discussed her 40-plus-year journey to research and discover the truth about UFOs, aliens, ETs, gods, and angels. Regarding the Anunnaki, an ancient race of ETs said to visit our planet, she believes they genetically manipulated the human race in what amounted to a downgrade from our original state, which she called the "glory body." Through her own personal experiences, she has concluded that a longtime alien presence co-exists on Earth with us. She has had three dramatic sightings in which she saw craft come from inside the planet. One was a USO (unidentified submerged object) that rose out of the Gulf of Mexico in April 1995 as she stood on the beach. It appeared as a silver disc that hovered over the ocean, as the water foamed underneath it before it suddenly shot up into the sky.

LeBain talked about being an alien abductee as a child and even having alien implants. She recalls that it was mainly the Greys who were abducting her, though they had the ability to shape-shift into other identities, such as her stepsisters. After a near-death experience in 2010, she felt she was healed from the traumas associated with the abductions. According to LeBain, the Greys are doing the bidding for the Draconian/Reptilian presence, which lives underground. She also touched on 'End Times' prophecies, UFO disclosure, Nibiru (Planet X), and former Israeli Defense Ministry official Haim Eshed's comments affirming the presence of a Galactic Federation.

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