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Off-Planet Agenda / Rock & Pop Recollections

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A powerful channeling medium and healer from England, Christopher Macklin utilizes divine healing techniques via communications with the spirit world and ETs. In the first half, he talked about an off-planet agenda that induces chaos, and how negative remote viewers in other dimensions are using technology to attack people and generate negative mental/emotional states. According to Macklin, negative otherworldly entities like the Archons, the Anunnaki, the Greys, and the Draconians exist in the fourth dimension, and have the capability to view and interact with humans remotely. These beings have teamed up, and seek to keep the human race in a state of fear as they feed off this negative energy, he continued.

The negative entities "don't want you to grow spiritually because they can't handle God's energy. They can only handle stress and low vibrational energy," he further explained. The entities attach themselves to people and may be responsible for repeated negative thoughts, exhaustion, and physical problems, he said. To remove these unwanted forces, Macklin recommended praying for protection up to three times a day, such as with the "27 Esoteric Merkaba Field Prayer," especially when your vibration is low. The entities also feed on collective energy, "through a crystalline structure around the planet, which used to be used a lot for telepathy, and it fills up with emotion," he claimed. People can use protective prayers to remove the harmful effects of the collective energy as well, he added.


Music historian Harvey Kubernik has written twenty books on popular rock music. In the latter half, he discussed such artists as Johnny Cash, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Wayne Newton, Smokey Robinson, Paul Anka, and more. Kubernik talked about how magical and influential the music of Motown has been. He was just at a Motown event that honored Marvin Gaye for the 53rd anniversary of his album "Let's Get It On." Kubernik also recently spent some time with Smokey Robinson, who was at a panel at the Grammy Museum in LA. September 3rd marks the 20th anniversary of Johnny Cash's death, he noted, and soon to start will be an estate-authorized Johnny Cash touring exhibition featuring his music, excerpts from his TV program, and other material. He was "always like a voice of America" that still resonates to me, Kubernik remarked.

He talked about the recent passing of Robbie Robertson of The Band, whom he first interviewed in 1976. As to the numerous rock artists and musicians who got their start in an earlier era that are still around, many "are cutting records at 60, 70, and into their 80s now," he marveled. Kubernik recalled seeing Elvis Presley in concert on a number of occasions in the 1970s, during the time he was writing for a UK music weekly called Melody Maker. Though Elvis wasn't in his prime toward the end, the audience still felt he was "an extension of their collective soul," he commented. Kubernik also touched on the work of Bobby Darin, Taylor Swift, Cher, and Barbra Streisand.

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