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Montana Megaliths / Dreams & Spiritual Guidance

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In the first half, Montana-based explorer and researcher Julie Ryder shared the events that led to her discovery and documentation of the Montana Megaliths, which she has identified as dolmens, towers, walls, sculptures, temples, and pyramids above and below the surface, some of which have been verified by satellite geoscans (view related photos). In 1999, she began meeting with Navajo elders, participating in ceremonies, and learning about ancient pictographs. Later, one of the elders came to Montana and read glyphs on a shaman rock, revealed information to her about ancient cities in the area, and "instructed me to find them, and take that knowledge to the world." Subsequently, in 2012, she began to discover dolmens (stone monuments) with unusual features, along with other formations. She posted these pictures on Facebook, where her journey as an amateur archaeologist began to take off as she communicated with people worldwide, learning that many of these features existed elsewhere on the planet.

Ryder said she has now discovered 111 different sites. She shared coordinates with researcher Andrew Barker, who organized satellite scans, and he reported various pyramid shapes, including conical, step, and truncated. Barker also confirmed "the largest standing stone constructed block in the entire world at that time-- 5000 feet, and it's made up of stones not from the area," she recounted. Ryder's belief is that the structures were built over several epochs during a time when different cataclysmic events destroyed a worldwide civilization. According to her Native American and Buddhist teachers, the Earth suffered from floods, asteroid hits, and pole shifts. These cataclysms altered the land, and the megaliths were rebuilt on top of older structures, she suggested. Ryder also advocated for protection of the megaliths, as mining companies have plans to excavate some of the locations.


Psychologist Nicole Sebastian and sociologist Michael Sebastian use the unique tools of dreams, sound, intuition, and quantum physics to provide guidance. In the latter half, they discussed their work with dreams and spirituality to help bring people clarity and navigate stressful times. Dreams can provide us with a natural form of guidance, Nicole pointed out, and she shared a two-step method to decode them. She said all of our dream symbols are based on word association, and combining that with what is currently going on in your life or in your mind will clue you in to an accurate message. She also cited the importance of writing dreams down in order to remember and track them.

The Sebastians run a Mystery School, which offers tools for people to cultivate their inner awareness. One of the techniques is to repeat the sound "hu" which can immediately make a person feel better and harmonize their vibrations, Michael said, revealing that it was beneficial in relieving his PTSD from serving in the Vietnam War. The sound "hu" is part of an ancient Egyptian system, as well as the spiritual path, Eckankar, he continued. The practice of "hu-ing" can improve dream recall, Nicole added. Michael noted that deep breathing is another method for putting us back in alignment and quieting the mind. The two also touched on such topics as the Autumn Equinox, deja vu, aliens, and parallel universes.

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