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Intuition & Luck / Dystopia & Drones

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Investigative reporter Randall Fitzgerald has spent several decades documenting intuitive luck techniques practiced by genuinely lucky people and interviewing scientists at the forefront of intuition research. In the first half, he discussed how intuitive luck is a prescription you can master to navigate life's risks and attract financial rewards. What he's discovered is that there truly is an intersection between intuition and luck. Luck, he noted, cannot be solely explained by mathematical probabilities because human consciousness functions as a kind of 'X factor.' Our mind "can trigger strings of luck, and it can short circuit streaks of bad luck," he remarked. "The more we're able to control our minds or habits of mind and shape our beliefs and attitudes in a way that facilitates intuitive luck, the luckier we become as human beings," Fitzgerald added.

He has identified five different intuitive luck factors or tips:

  1. Feel your intuition. Hunches are real; you may feel them in your gut or your heart.
  2. Set an intention to be open or aware of intuition as it comes to you.
  3. Quiet your mind. Meditation or mindfulness techniques can make space to detect the intuitive voice, which just may be a whisper.
  4. Channel your excitement. By not having preconceived ideas, one can be more open to the synergistic process of luck.
  5. Program your dreams. Lucid dreaming and dream incubation can set the unconscious mind to get glimpses of the future, which you can then utilize to your advantage.


In the latter half, UNLV Professor of American Literature Jarret Keene addressed the popularity of the dystopian genre of entertainment, and his novel "Hammer of the Dogs," which explores the sci-fi concept of drone wars, and the dangerous rise of military and surveillance war craft. He is drawn to dystopic stories where civilization is either destroyed or hanging by a thread, "and you watch characters kind of deal and struggle through these imaginative scenarios." In his new book, teenagers battle in a ruined Las Vegas, where two factions are killing each other with drones by remote control, and the warrior hero, Lash, rebels against and resists the post-apocalyptic warlords.

Keene researched drone technology by attending various conventions, and was unnerved to discover a "vast and orchestrated effort involving the tech sector, military...higher education, foreign governments; they're all building up the drone industry. Surveillance and control are really what these drones offer, [and] the ability to erase someone instantly with the push of a button." Some of the insect drones are the size of mosquitoes, he marveled, and could be sent out in swarms. He is concerned over the advent of AI and the algorithms programming drones that could determine who lives or dies. Keene also talked about how the pandemic affected Las Vegas, though the city is bouncing back now.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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