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Mars Artifacts / Other Side & ET Messages

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In the first half, aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults discussed his latest discoveries on Mars and developments with NASA, science, and technology. While Mars has a very thin atmosphere, he concluded that its ancient oceans were capable of supporting life, and he has found evidence of fossilized creatures in various NASA mission photos (see related images). He described image #1, taken by the Opportunity rover, as a fossil of a crinoid, a plant-like marine animal resembling a sea urchin that first appeared in Earth's oceans millions of years ago. "If you look at it, you can actually see the segments of the stem," he stated. In image #2, taken by the Curiosity rover, "you literally can see the shell of the sea urchin sticking out of the mud...there is no geological process that can produce this," he declared.

Shults is concerned that the NASA Perseverance mission is planning to bring back samples from Mars, and that we run the risk of being exposed to organisms or microbes of unknown types that we might have no resistance to. He considers Mars' two moons to be captured asteroids that are gradually moving in closer, such that within 5-10 million years, one of them may crash into the Red Planet. One of the most fascinating moons in the solar system is Ganymede (orbiting Jupiter), as it likely has oceans of solid water that could have marine life in abundance under the ice, he enthused. Regarding the Face on Mars, Shults hypothesized that the form was created through glacial melting rather than carved by an ancient civilization.


Respected psychic and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna receives and deciphers messages from the Other Side. In the latter half, he talked about his spirit guide and the Intergalactic Council, which he consults. Genna said his main spirit guide for the last 40 years has been Joseph (the biblical figure from the Book of Genesis), who downloads information into him, introduced him to his angel guides, and offers dream interpretation. A few years ago, he began his communications with the Intergalactic Council, a group of benevolent "spirit aliens" that exist in another dimension. The Council has provided him with fascinating information, such as about Sasquatch, which was the first attempt by the aliens at making a standing, upright modern man, and this took place at the time of the end of the Neanderthal race.

Various cryptids and mythical creatures actually existed in Atlantis, Genna continued, and the knowledge of them was passed down by ancestral memory in places like ancient Greece. The Intergalactic Council seeks to help humanity evolve at a faster pace, he suggested, and they assisted with the building of the pyramids and some of the great structures of the past. Regarding Revelation and end times prophecy, Genna's guides have noted that humans' own negativity can lead to their destruction rather than some type of supernatural agenda. By growing and evolving spiritually, people can raise the Christ spirit within and their connection to source, he indicated. During the last hour, he offered readings for callers.

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