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Lee Harvey Oswald Revelations

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Author Deanne Stillman joined Ian Punnett (Twitter) to suggest that there was indeed a conspiracy behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy — that of Oswald and his mother, Marguerite. Resentful of those more successful and fortunate than themselves, Stillman said, Oswald and his mother were obsessed with making a name for themselves in some way. The two also fed off of each other in their attempts to feel vindicated against those who, in their eyes, were responsible for their unhappy lot in life.

Stillman clarified that she was not arguing that Marguerite and Lee Oswald literally made a plan together to murder the president. Instead, she explained, Marguerite conditioned Lee from childhood to blame others for his failures and inadequacies, and nurtured his fixation on getting attention and feeling important. By the time Lee found himself an adult, working menial jobs to support himself and his young immigrant wife, he was primed to see Marguerite's jealous admiration for Kennedy as a cue to elevate himself over the president by committing violence against him.

Marguerite's strange behavior after Lee himself was murdered is yet another sign of the symbiosis in which she and her son were locked—and that she was willing to seize on anything to boost her own sense of importance. She published a book about the accusations against Lee, and sold his personal items, even signing her own name on photographs of her son. She sought out reporters willing to interview her, allegedly asking for payment up front for the privilege. In this way, for Stillman, the Oswalds were a kind of co-conspirators, working together for personal recognition through a terrible act.

In the first hour, leading UFO researcher Richard Dolan talked about the recent tranche of UFO videos released by the US government on the Customs & Border Patrol's website. He noted that the UAP depicted in the videos were mostly spherical; in one, the craft appears to be pursued by a second triangular object at a high rate of speed. Dolan suggested that the appearance of the videos, which were quietly released by the CBP, may reflect an internal conflict wherein one faction of the agency "won out" in its efforts to make them available to the public.

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