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In the first half, researcher and author Anthony Sanchez joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss various accounts of UFO/UAP. Noting the hazards that sometimes come with tracking paranormal activity, he described an excursion to New Mexico's Archuleta Mesa in which he encountered shipping containers bearing US Government markings. Frightened, he and his companions fled the mesa; shortly afterward, Sanchez claimed, his face became paralyzed and began to give him intense pain. Similarly, it's important to be cautious with research tools like paranormal apps, which can invite evil spirits.

In his book UFO Nexus, Sanchez examines modern ufology, particularly where government oversight is concerned. He cited testimony in several cases where law enforcement agents, military officials, and academics have witnessed or documented alien craft and even extraterrestrial beings in recent decades. Sanchez credited the rise of technology like cell phone and doorbell cameras with creating many more opportunities to capture ET activity on video, lending credibility to UFO reports.

Sanchez also focused on retired military intelligence officer David Grusch, a central figure in the current congressional inquiry into UAP activity. Grusch, who has reported that he was made aware of the US Government's recovery of alien bodies and spacecraft, is the victim of the government's obstruction of attempts to learn the truth, as well as retaliation for going public with this knowledge, argued Sanchez.


In the Open Lines that followed in the second half, Scott in California asked Sanchez more about the ailments he's suffered as a result of his ufological work. Sanchez described cognitive damage that resulted in his not being able to speak for two years, being paralyzed, and three near-death experiences.

Calling from Canada, Don asserted that many cases of people going missing may be due to alien abductions. Aliens could even be using humans as food sources, he theorized. Sanchez drew a parallel between Don's idea and the spiritual entities described in ancient Gnostic texts that feed off of human souls.

Ruth in Maryland proposed that dogmen may not always live in their cryptid state, but could transform from humans into dogmen spontaneously, as werewolves do. She recounted an incident from her own life, when she heard loud snarling noises one night that she couldn't identify. When she asked her husband at the time what he knew about the noises, he told her "I think I was fighting the beast within myself."

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