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David Brin is an astrophysicist and bestselling novelist. He consults for NASA, companies, and nonprofits about the onrushing future. In the first half, he shared his thoughts on space exploration, AI, SETI, the state of the science fiction genre, and the future of humanity. "Only about 10% of science fiction authors are scientifically trained as I am, but a lot of them are really good at what's called hard science fiction," which has solidly grounded scientific speculation, he noted. One such work he cited is "The Ministry of the Future" by Kim Stanley Robinson. Brin announced that he is working on a new series of novels for young adults; one has the premise that aliens kidnap a California high school and live to regret it.

He touched on one of his most serious novels, "Existence," which looks at the planet being in peril and civilization on the brink of returning to feudalism. Brin reported that he'd just returned from a meeting at NASA's Innovative and Advanced Concepts Program (NIAC), which invests small amounts of money in very unusual ideas. He was critical of NASA's Artemis program to put astronauts back on the moon and thinks that money could be spent better elsewhere. Brin also expressed concerns over the METI program that seeks to send messages to extraterrestrial intelligence and finds recent evidence for UFOs unconvincing based on the blurry quality of photographs.


Intuitive medium, author, and educator Geoffrey Jowett helps others on their journey of enlightenment by recognizing that each of us is an eternal and infinite part of God. In the latter half, he revealed insights from the spirit world and their beneficial messages. He described his mediumship as connecting with spirits and loved ones that have crossed over and how they vibrate at a higher frequency. "So it's all about just connecting to that higher energy," Jowett remarked. People have "connecting points" or emotional ties with a departed loved one that carry into the afterlife, and in his communications, the spirit might present one of these shared or heartfelt experiences that binds the two of you together, he explained. When we incarnate, we come with a specific "soul agreement," Jowett said, and this often plays out in the relationships we have and our karmic path, which both serve as feedback loops to let us know if we need to make adjustments in the way we're living.

There are different interpretations as to what the afterlife is life. One is the spiritualist concept of Summerland, a vacation-like place that is lighter and filled with compassion and love. The departed, he continued, have a realization of how limited they were when in the physical body-- "it's like having an anchor attached," and now they're like a free-floating helium balloon with the ability to fly. When someone initially has died, spirits have used the analogy of a train station to describe what they go through on their first arrival, and the meeting of loved ones. "There's an overwhelming unity and oneness that happens energetically. And it's not that they forget about us on this side. But they're focused on this amazing experience," he added. During the latter part of the conversation, Jowett provided readings for callers.

The last half-hour featured an interview with spiritual warrior and exorcist Bill Bean from 2/22/19. Bean will be one of the speakers at George's upcoming Live Stage Show in Columbus, Ohio.

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