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Astrology & Eclipses / UFO Detection

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In the first half, astrologer Mark Lerner discussed the major two eclipses in October - an annular solar eclipse on October 14 and a partial lunar eclipse on October 28. According to Earth astrology, explained Lerner, every location has its own birth chart, and the October eclipses activate the USA birth chart from July 4, 1776. This will synchronize with many social, political, and financial challenges here in America and around the world. The minor planet Chiron, not normally considered outside of astrology, is actually another powerful factor in world events, Lerner added.

Lerner also pointed out that several major historical events occur in 83-year cycles, which corresponds to the position of Jupiter at those points. The beginning of World War II and Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine fell 83 years apart, he noted; with the German bombing of England occurring 83 years ago this month, we should expect a major historical event soon. Since Jupiter is the largest planet, explained Lerner, its influence on events is similarly oversized.


In the second half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with CEO and Chief Science Officer of Ascendant AI Research, Mitch Randall, who believes we can find proof we are not alone in the universe through his research with the SkyWatch Passive Radar UFO Detector. The SkyWatch tracks movement in the sky that allows it to help the observer know where to look for UFOs. Through the Galileo Project, Randall related, he was able to help develop SkyWatch's ability to "piggyback" off of transmitted signals in the sky— the next best thing to radar for citizens, who normally don't have access to radar technology.

The goal of the project for Randall is to hasten the march toward full disclosure, he said. SkyWatch's ability to differentiate between man-made objects in the sky and UFOs, which behave in ways humans can't replicate, make its findings more credible. In addition, radar can create images that normally can't be provided by cameras, which are susceptible to poor weather, light conditions, and so on. SkyWatch is also accurate in its data to scientific standards, Mitchell noted, because it calibrates its coordinates with the human aircraft it detects in the sky.

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