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Chuck Palahniuk has written more than twenty novels, including "Fight Club." In the first half, he joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss his fascination with exploring the darkest reaches of the human psyche through his writing, citing his own experiences with trauma, tragedy, and stranger-than-fiction situations as inspiration. For instance, he recounted how his grandfather committed murders and even tried to kill his father when he was a boy, but his father survived by hiding under a bed. Many years later, Palahniuk's father was shot to death by a crazed man, the house was set on fire, and his body could only be recognized because a bed had fallen on top of him. As a novelist, he said that it's helpful for him to write in stressful locations like airports and emergency rooms, where you can observe and use interesting details of the people around him for his characters.

One of the things he sought to do in Fight Club was provide a narrative that allowed men to talk about their issues in a way that typically is just done in female-centric projects. Some considered Fight Club to be a form of "predictive programming" as it ended with buildings collapsing, two years before 9-11. Related to that idea, he noted that in his correspondences with Ira Levin, the author of Rosemary's Baby, the popular book models the return of Satan to the Earth in such an effective manner that Levin regretfully felt that in a way, he had catalyzed the "Satanic Panic" of the 70s and 80s. Palahniuk's newest book, Not Forever, But For Now, is an outrageous horror satire about a family of killers. Reflecting on his struggles to get his novels published initially, he shared his realization that writing a book that will stay in people's memories is more important than turning out a commercial one.


Angela Thomas is a psychic, remote viewer, and clairvoyant, noted for her high accuracy. In the latter half, she talked about her psychic work and shared some predictions. She outlined her psychic gifts, including precognition, telepathy, 'third eye' perceptions, and retrocognition, which is the ability to go back in the past. On the predictive front, she discussed the geopolitical landscape and foresees the current conflict between Israel and Hamas likely spreading in the Middle East. Thomas recounted one of her first experiences of seeing a spirit, a friend visiting his own funeral. The man had loved automobiles when he was alive, and when she spotted him, he was scoping out the cars in the funeral home parking lot.

When people catch a glimpse of a departed loved one, often the spirit does not have the electromagnetic energy to produce a full-body apparition, but instead they use a method to briefly step into someone's aura and leave a kind of imprint, she explained. Thomas talked about how she has tailored her own style of Coordinate Remote Viewing, that is useful in cold cases and tracking missing persons. For more, she will be teaching a Psychic Self-Protection workshop, presenting a variety of tools and rituals, on Saturday, October 14th. During the last half-hour, she offered readings to callers.

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