Moon Rock Anomalies / Cryptids & Flying Humanoids

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Moon Rock Anomalies / Cryptids & Flying Humanoids

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In the first half, Richard C. Hoagland, the founder of the Enterprise Mission and the vision and the voice of The Other Side of Midnight, shared discoveries he made about moon rocks from the Apollo program and other lunar anomalies (related images) that suggest to him an ET technology is their source. He related his findings to the work that Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb has been doing retrieving and studying interstellar artifacts from a meteor on the ocean floor. According to Hoagland, NASA's microphotographs of moon rock slices show fragments that appear to be manufactured rather than natural, and some are embedded with nanoparticles or nanotechnology. For instance, in image #7, in the section on the right, he sees cylinders, pipe-like things, and broken elements in a smashed jumble that were once part of larger objects before they were sliced through for study.

These tiny fragments in the moon rocks could be "fully formed machines on a scale of millionths of an inch," he marveled. This indicates that aliens or "conscious predecessors of the human race existed in a range of sizes, all the way from our size, our scale, down to the microscopic," he continued. Hoagland also touched on evidence of a lunar stone circle from Apollo photos, as well as the Indian Space Agency's lunar orbiter. "It's an incredible circle of moon rocks with a big one in the center" aligned with an object in the upper right, which he believes may be a time capsule or ancient archive.


In the latter half, Fortean and paranormal researcher Lon Strickler talked about the sightings in Chicago of a flying humanoid creature he calls the Chicago Phantom and gave updates on various other cryptids and enigmatic entities. He detailed some of his own unusual encounters, such as when he visited Gettysburg, and what "seemed like a large TV screen opened up in front of me, and I was in the battle for about 30 seconds." He also had an encounter with a Bigfoot in 1981, and a winged humanoid in 1988, and these incidents set in motion his interest in the field. Regarding the sightings of flying humanoids, there have been many reports in the Chicago metro area, with witnesses typically describing a large, fast-moving creature with a 12-15 foot wingspan, small feet, and red eyes.

Eerily, witnesses sometimes report that the winged humanoid makes a shrill or shrieking sound. Strickler has concluded that beings such as these are likely interdimensional in nature. "I don't think they live on this earth plane...They seem to be able to move in and out very quickly," possibly through specific portals near O'Hare airport. He detailed curious "Not Deer" sightings, which started in the Appalachian mountains and have been on the increase in the US. The creatures have strange eyes and irregular legs-- sometimes even standing on their back legs and moving about as a human would. He also shared accounts of Dogman, Bigfoot, and the Houston "Rat-Man."

During the last half-hour, an interview from 6/28/21 with hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb on alien abductions was featured.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates, Pat Boone

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