The Rolling Stones / Open Lines

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The Rolling Stones / Open Lines

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Music historian Harvey Kubernik, who recently penned the introduction to a new large format book, "The Rolling Stones: Icons," joined host Ian Punnett (Twitter) for a discussion on the iconic rock 'n' roll band. Kubernik offered a comprehensive view of The Rolling Stones' history and the importance of documenting their journey through photographs and personal stories. He pointed to the value of authenticity and capturing the raw essence of the band in various aspects of their journey.

He talked about his involvement with the new book that features contributions from former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and reflected on his extensive interviews with various individuals connected with the band. He underscored the significance of candid behind-the-scenes photographs, particularly from their early years, as they offer unique insights into the band's development, fashion, and evolution. These candid shots are considered more valuable than the curated images bands often control today, he suggested. "I know the impact of this book," Kubernik said, describing it as "a volume that I know penetrates."

Kubernik highlighted the recent Rolling Stones album, "Hackney Diamonds," describing it as fresh and vital. He attributed some of the album's success to the recording studio's environment, such as the one on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, which has played a role in shaping the band's music over the years. He also touched upon the iconic TAMI Show and the band's experience opening for James Brown, a pivotal moment in their career.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. A caller phoned in to share her firsthand account of a Thunderbird sighting in the late 1960s. She described witnessing a massive bird with a wingspan stretching the entire road she was driving on, and it swooped down to grasp her son, who was playing in their front yard. Thankfully, she was able to scare the bird away and save her son.

David in Los Angeles raised concerns about a specific biblical passage from 1 Samuel 15, verses 1-3 and 7, in which God commanded King Saul to destroy an entire population, including innocent babies, as they were considered evil. He questioned if this was rational and whether God's involvement in such actions could be interpreted in a different way. The conversation delved into the interpretation of the Bible and its symbolic and metaphorical aspects, with David expressing his agnostic beliefs and the need for clear and plain meanings in religious texts.

Larry from Nashville discussed Alpha-gal syndrome, a condition caused by tick bites that makes individuals allergic to red meat and other products containing a sugar molecule called alpha-gal. He highlighted his own experience with this condition, explaining that it's crucial to be vigilant about ingredient labels and cautious when dining out. Larry expressed his frustration with the lack of widespread awareness among healthcare professionals and emphasized the importance of educating the public about Alpha-gal syndrome, as it can be a challenging and life-altering condition for those affected.

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