Sleep Paralysis Terrors / Magic of Halloweeen

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Sleep Paralysis Terrors / Magic of Halloweeen

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Author, speaker, and researcher Vicki Joy Anderson explores the fringe and paranormal with a particular focus on terrifying sleep paralysis and night terrors. In the first half, she discussed these disturbing sleep phenomena and entities associated with them, some with ancient origins, including Lilith, Lamashtu, and the incubus and succubus. Sleep paralysis (SP) is a fairly common experience, she noted, but it is only in more recent times that people are more open or comfortable talking about it. During an occurrence, an individual may feel that there's some sort of entity or oppressive darkness in the room that overcomes them, and many report being paralyzed or unable to move. They talk about horror movie-like experiences of dread, and having their soul dragged to hell, she added.

Night terrors, in contrast, can involve sleepwalking or violent thrashing about, but the dreamer has no memory of the experience-- it's only others in the home that observe the disturbance. While Anderson suggested that SP may be associated with the brain's pineal gland, she believes that many of these instances have a supernatural aspect involving demonic or vampiric entities who are disembodied and want to re-experience human sensations as well as torment the living. You can rid yourself of these entities by calling out the name of Jesus or the Lord's Prayer, she advised. Yet, Anderson cautioned that people may be in danger of astral realm attachments from SP encounters that can lead to physical or psychological ailments in one's waking life. During the call-in portion, listeners shared their eerie accounts of sleep paralysis episodes. 


In the third hour, magician Brandon Scott, a recurring headlining performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, talked about Halloween and the world of magic. Halloween has a magical quality, he pointed out, with adults getting in touch with their inner child by putting on masks and costumes and enjoying the fantasy and mystery. It's similar to a magic show, he said, as, for a moment, people are suspending their belief in reality. Halloween also has an ancient heritage related to the opening of the doorway-- a thinning of the veil, where we might connect with spirits and our ancestors, he commented. 

The third hour featured Open Lines. Due to technical issues, we were not able to bring on originally scheduled, practitioner of the occult, Winter Laake.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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