Natural Health / Ghost-to-Ghost 2023

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Natural Health / Ghost-to-Ghost 2023

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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs discussed natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. On the subject of when is the best time of the day to take supplements or vitamins, he suggested after or during a meal, as the digestive juices allow for a better absorption of the nutrients. The first thing in the morning is also a good time, particularly for water-soluble supplements like B complex and vitamin C, as you're somewhat depleted of nutrients after waking up. Another beneficial time is after you work out, he noted, as you've exhausted the nutrients your body stores for muscle contraction and exercise. 

Fuchs said that intermittent fasting can be helpful for the colon and different ailments like type 2 diabetes. "One of the most important things that happens when you don't put food into your body is your body cleans itself out," including dead cells, and waste from the colon, which is a major strategy for improving colon health, he stated. The small intestine, Fuchs continued, is "the seat of health and wellness" but also disease. Harmful bacteria that get into the digestive system can throw off the body's metabolism, he added. Fuchs also talked about the body's connective tissue, which is important to keep strong. One can do this through exercise, a healthy diet, and supplements like bone broth. 


Our annual Halloween night Ghost to Ghost show included spooky stories from callers and special greetings, recordings, and music. Barbara from Boise shared the story of how her son passed away at age 32 back in 2009. He had been an avid motorcyclist and fisherman and, for a number of years, they kept his ashes in an urn till they finally decided to spread them in places that he loved in Idaho. After, she and her husband placed the wooden urn in a fire, and wondered if they had done the right thing. At that moment in the fire, they saw the flame turn into the shape of a motorcyclist with a helmet, and they were assured they'd done right by their son.

Rich recounted how he traveled through Europe 30 years ago, staying at youth hostels. At one of them, which was around 400 years old, he was sleeping soundly when he was suddenly awakened by the sense of an entity completely melting into his body. He felt paralyzed, and when he opened his eyes, it was like he was seeing through someone else's eyes and looking into a dark, hazy world. The next morning, he spoke with the front desk clerk and mentioned his strange encounter. She verified that other guests had very similar experiences. "That was Jack and he does this all the time," she told him. Jack was alleged to be a groundskeeper from 150 years ago who died from poisoned whiskey.

News segment guests: Charles Coppes, Heidi Hollis

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