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Jeff Harman is a second-generation astrologer, paranormal researcher, and spiritual consultant. In the first half, using various methods of astrology, he shared an outlook for the end of this year and 2024, as well as offered readings for callers. The two eclipses in October were trigger points to "very powerful energies that are coming in by the end of this month into December," he said, adding that the eclipses were also in proximity of the attack and war in Israel. The astrology shows "we're in some very rough waters and quite dangerous times in the United States over this next year," he continued. Eclipses generally affect the whole world, Harman explained, but also have specific meanings for individuals depending on which zodiac houses they fall under, such as the house of health or house of career, and "that could mean a big change" for someone.

Pluto conjoins with America's chart three times in 2024, he noted. This planet can signify destruction or the phoenix rising out of the ashes, and he sees the US in a phoenix-like position around 2025. Harman talked about his practice of "electional astrology," which involves picking an auspicious time to commence events, such as taking trips, getting married, and signing contracts. He also delved into concepts of Nadi and Vedic astrology, dating back to ancient India, which explore the soul, spiritual forces and growth, and life purpose. For more, check out Jeff's YouTube channel.


Psychic, author, and cosmic coach Dougall Fraser utilizes color therapy, clairvoyance, and intuition to help people attain their goals. In the latter half, he was joined by author Radleigh Valentine to speak about their work on angels and oracles, how to receive divine guidance, and weave healing color energy into your spiritual practice. Fraser said that he's able to see people's auras, as well as detect them in a person's voice, and this guides his readings. Different colors may manifest in a person's aura depending on the situation they're in, he explained. Upon hearing George's voice, he picked up on the color blue, which is the color of truth, wisdom, and information. In a reading, there are no good or bad colors, Fraser noted, but he may see shadow sides to a color, where it appears a little thicker or opaque, and this indicates a person may be working on a particular issue.

Valentine said he first connected with his guardian angel at an early age, and they have been in communication ever since. In a reincarnational sense, guardian angels may join us lifetime after lifetime and "this provides them with incredible insight into the reasons for why we do certain things and what certain behaviors affect us," he commented. These angels are with us in the ethereal rather than physical sense and guide us toward choices that lead us to life transformation and joy, though during an emergency, they have been known to take on a physical form, Valentine shared. He works with a system that includes 15 different archangels like Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. During the last hour, the two gave "tag team" readings for callers, with Valentine pulling oracle cards that represent different archangels, colors, and qualities.

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