Jeff Harman

Jeff Harman


Jeff Harman is a second-generation astrologer, paranormal researcher, and spiritual consultant with 47 years of experience. He’s the only astrologer on the planet who stores his clients’ records in filing cabinets given to him by the one-and-only George Carlin. Harman offers detailed, personal and business readings using Vedic, Naadi, Classical and Astro-location astrology. He also offers corrective measures, and he works with clients to design custom talismans made with natural, untreated gems.

He has solved many paranormal cases involving haunted dwellings, UFO-related events, and possession. He has cleared people, homes, and commercial spaces experiencing negative spiritual attachments and has assisted treasure hunters in deciding if, when, and where to dig. He has also been contracted for special research projects. Concurrently, Harman has also worked in many areas of the entertainment industry. He has patented technologies, and he has performed forensic work as a sound expert in association with many federal, state, and local government agencies.


Past Shows:

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  • Astrological Forecast / NDEs & Grief

    Astrologer Jeff Harman discussed the outlook for 2023 and the techniques he uses. Followed by social worker and hypnotherapist Jacob Cooper on NDEs, the afterlife, and grief.More »
  • Predictions for 2022

    In separate hours, four guests shared their predictions for 2022-- psychic Joseph Jacobs, director of the Palmistry Institute, Vernon Mahabal, master astrologer and spiritual advisor Jeff Harman, and author and mystic Elizabeth Joyce.More »
  • Numerology & Astrology/ New Year's Predictions

    Astrologist Jeff Harman and professional numerologist Alison Baughman discussed predictions for 2017. Followed by listener predictions.More »
  • Astrology Special

    Two astrologers new to Coast to Coast AM, Linda Schurman, and Jeff Harman talked about their methodologies and offered analysis of current events, the economy, and what they see ahead. First hour guest, environmental consultant Tim Ball spoke about 'Climate-Gate.'More »

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