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Journalist and author Cate Montana shifted from writing "positive" books to writing about the darker side of human nature. In the first half, she presented her contention that unseen interdimensional intelligences are driving the misery, conflict, and social degeneration humanity faces. Many cultures across time have had different names for these beings-- the Greeks called them the Archons, Native Americans referred to the wendigo, and Carl Jung spoke of a deceiving force he referred to as the Antimimos. She believes that humans start off as pure love and that the evil that arises stems from the Archons or interdimensional beings, who are not innate to our planet. "They come from a different source, and I call it the anti-lifeforce...They drain us and lower our light deliberately, trying to drag us down to their level," she explained.

She suggested that society is controlled through matrices of belief, including media and religious messages, which create a dysfunctional and crippled world that can be difficult to see beyond. Low vibrational frequencies, such as shame and guilt, are the result of interdimensional influence and programming, rather than original sin, she added. Montana offered several keys to break out of this matrix, such as accessing the spirit part of your being in making decisions, and recognizing beliefs and systems that negate who you are. "The whole point is to trust ourselves, which is the last thing the powers-that-be, including the interdimensional invisible beings...want. They do not want us tapping into our spirit nature," she declared.


Joyce Keller is a TV and radio host, author, and psychic medium and is featured in the book 100 Top Psychics in America. In the latter half, she spoke about metaphysics, communications from the afterlife, and her contacts with alien beings. Keller said she learned from her spirit guides that after a person dies, it takes three days for the complete assets and essence of that individual to leave their body. Accordingly, she recommends that people should not be buried before that period has passed. On the subject of miracles, she said there are many varieties of healings and wonders, and a number have happened to her. One example she cited was the time an engagement ring suddenly showed up on the bathroom floor after her husband had died, which she concluded was a kind of spiritual apport.

Prayers can be powerful, she noted, but they're not always answered due to karmic debts and the parts of our life that are predestined. She described a nighttime encounter with alien beings who directed her to bring her daughter Elaine out on their deck overlooking the Hudson River. Lights grew brighter and brighter until they saw a large triangle. It was at this point the aliens identified themselves as Arcturians. They spoke to Elaine telepathically for 15 minutes, but afterward, they went to sleep, and Elaine did not remember the encounter the next day. Regarding the situation in Israel, she predicted that the war would have a slight period of improvement with possible assistance from Egypt but that the conflict would persist for more than a year. During the last hour, she offered readings to callers.

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Sandra Champlain


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