Reversing Aging / UAPs & Nuclear Sites

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Reversing Aging / UAPs & Nuclear Sites

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Author Eldon Taylor is an expert in preconscious information processing and has served as an expert trial witness on subliminal communication and hypnosis. In the first half, he discussed the mind's role in the aging process and provided several techniques for reversing aging, including spirituality and gratitude. Taylor introduced the concept of "younging"-- the idea of staying forever young in mind and spirit. One way to jumpstart that is to surround yourself with things that remind you of your youth-- in his case he restored a 1969 Impala Super Sport convertible and played music of the 1960s in it as he drove around with the top down. "I began to sense that I was younger," said Taylor. 

The media, particularly in commercials, does not represent the healthy side of aging but pushes the idea that there are fixes like Botox and pharmaceuticals, he pointed out, rather than emphasizing wellness. The attitude of gratitude is a kind of "magic bullet," he continued. Taylor said he starts every morning with a smile and a thankful attitude. "What happens when you do that is you release endorphins," which is the body's natural opiate that makes you feel good and boosts the immune system, he said. Laughter, Taylor added, has been shown to extend your life. Every morning when he enters his office, he finds something funny, and shares that on his social networking pages. For more, follow the link to receive a complimentary copy of his InnerTalk program, "Owning a Gratitude Attitude."


A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Robert Salas served seven years on active duty as a weapons controller, and intercontinental ballistic missiles launch officer. In the latter half, he discussed his in-depth look at UFO sightings and incidents near nuclear facilities and why they matter to us today. Salas had signed an NDA with the Air Force, and did not initially speak about witnessing an apparent UFO-related shutdown of guidance systems while on duty at a Minuteman nuclear missile facility at Malmstrom AFB in March of 1967. During the incident, a pulsating orange object hovered above ground while ten separate missiles were rendered inoperative.

In a separate UFO incident that occurred eight days earlier, another ten nuclear missiles were shut down at the base, Salas revealed. Other bases, such as Minot in North Dakota, also recorded similar occurrences involving UFOs. And the phenomenon hasn't just been restricted to the United States. In 1982, a nuclear missile site in Ukraine was visited by a UFO that apparently started a launch sequence but then shut it down, he reported. Looking at these incidents as a whole, he believes the UFO occupants were sending a message that we should get rid of our nuclear weapons. Salas has been encouraged by recent government investigations into UFO activity, as well as the requirement starting in 2024 that different agencies report UAP incidents to AARO (All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office).

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