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Veteran Issues & NDEs / Open Lines

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Today marks the 27th consecutive year in which author and near-death experiencer Dannion Brinkley has brought to the forefront the ongoing issues facing our country’s veterans. He recounted his involvement in The Twilight Brigade, attributing it to a near-death experience after being struck by lightning. Brinkley described encountering beings during that experience, and the insights he gained formed the basis for his book "Saved by the Light."

Regarding the VA's treatment of veterans, Brinkley criticized the system's failure, citing alarming statistics of veteran suicides despite attempted interactions with the VA for help. He discussed both positive and negative aspects of the VA, highlighting innovations in complementary medicine while also pointing out flaws such as bureaucratic obstacles. Brinkley advocated for awareness and support for veterans, caregivers, and programs like The Twilight Brigade, emphasizing the power of individuals and the role of the public in influencing change.

He addressed various issues affecting veterans, including PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. Brinkley separated the two issues and criticized the misclassification of certain conditions, emphasizing the need for a more nuanced understanding. He also discussed near-death experiences and integrative healing therapies.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Roger in Northern California shared a personal story about narrowly avoiding a plane crash in Alaska. Roger recounted a moment when he considered going on a fishing trip with a friend but decided against it to catch up on paperwork. The friend's plane crashed, resulting in the death of the pilot and an eight-year-old boy. He reflected on the incident as a miraculous escape, emphasizing that he would not be alive if he had chosen to take that flight.

Eric from Indiana expressed frustration about unethical tests and psychological torture that he claimed he and other troops were subjected to over the years, specifically citing a mind-altering research study. He mentioned attempts to access records through friends in the Pentagon, but was told that only high-ranking officials with specific clearances could access such information. Eric questioned whether there will ever be transparency, suggesting that classified information is being used to hide the details of these psychological torture tests on troops.

Steven in Albany, New York, talked about UFO sightings where witnesses described craft shaped like triangles. He mentioned the recent announcement of the B-21 stealth bomber and suggested this craft is what people may have been witnessing and identifying as a triangular UFO. He noted that the B-21 has been tested and seen by many, but kept secret until now.

The final half hour featured a replay of Elizabeth Greenwood from the 12/5/2016 show discussing how and why people fake their own deaths.

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