The Battle for Humanness / Prophecies & Fatima

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The Battle for Humanness / Prophecies & Fatima

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Author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality, and human potential. In the first half, he suggested that we are in the midst of an ancient battle between good and evil playing out in the modern world, with a deepening intensity. These events and crises keep us locked into a fear that veils our true humanness and specifically our divinity, he stated. The ultimate spiritual battle is the battle for human divinity, Braden continued, defining divinity as the "ability to transcend perceived limitations." When we lose our divinity, we become vulnerable to fear and the ideas and agendas of what others believe our world and lives should look like, he remarked.

We are experiencing what he called a 'fifth generation of warfare,' which begins in the mind and heart and includes informational, economic, psychological, political, and cyber forms of warfare. These forms perpetuate a state of fear and keep us from recognizing our divinity, he explained. He said that living in constant types of battles drives people to the lowest primal common denominator, leading them to betray their truest nature or divinity. Further, Braden believes we're living in a time where many cycles, including the Mayan calendar, biblical traditions, and ancient prophecies, converge into a 2030 timeline. The movement to replace our body parts with computers and technology is short-sighted, he added, as our natural components, like the brain's neurons, have expansive potentials that we are only beginning to understand. 


In the latter half, journalist Michael H. Brown detailed his latest work on prophecy & harbingers, the third secret of Fatima, and Marian apparitions. In 1917, three young shepherds in Fatima, Portugal, had shared visions of the Virgin Mary, and prophetic material was given to the oldest child, Lucia. The third secret of Fatima was finally released by Pope John Paul in the year 2000 in the form of an image-- an angel touching the Earth as if to set it aflame, Brown recounted, and he suggested it may portend a nuclear war or conflagration in our future. Yet, in a book written by nuns who lived with Sister Lucia, they revealed that her vision sounded more like some type of a cataclysmic natural disaster, which could be interpreted as an asteroid strike or something happening to the Earth's core. 

Brown described his visits to Fatima, as well as other locations like Medjugorje and Lourdes, where Marian apparitions and miracles reportedly took place. At Fatima, he said he saw the sun pulse in an odd way, suddenly becoming larger in size and sending "splendiferous colors around its corona," as well as a large cross emanating from the sun. He shared details of an ominous 1990 prophecy, penned by an anonymous source, warning of a great evil about to overtake the planet, possibly related to genetic manipulation. As a result, there would be a series of "chastisements" upon the Earth, modern technology would be destroyed, and human civilization would be thrown back to an earlier era. 

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