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Peruvian Jungle 'Aliens' / Beatles Secret Archive

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In remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon, locals are reporting attacks by entities they call Los Pelacaras, or “the Face Peelers.” This name, Tim Alberino explains, comes from a fairly recent legend – around 40 years old and possibly a cautionary tale to warn about the dangers of cartels. But the recent attacks seem to be something more than human. As Alberino explained to George Knapp, there have been actual attacks, with actual injuries. The locals take the threat so seriously that they have even fired shots at suspected Pelacaras and their craft with shotguns, and heard their shots bounce off something metallic.

Alberino explained to George what those craft were like, and how locals report the “Face Peelers” moving above the earth on both hovering discs and small attachments on their boots. This is not, he said, “illegal miners using jetpacks” (as stated in some press accounts). Though they are rural, the people here have cellphones and internet access, he explained. They watch the same media we do, and they can search videos of available jetpack technology. They may not know exactly what it is they’ve seen, he said, but they are certain it isn’t that.  


Mal Evans never imagined, when he took a job as a bouncer for a Liverpool-based quartet of pop musicians, that it would completely change the course of his life. Evans went from being a bouncer, to an integral part of the Beatles' inner circle, and along the way a chronicler of their lives. Beatles historian Kenneth Womack explained to George the different ways Evans helped the band – including procuring an anvil for Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, playing on different songs, and just maybe coming up with the phrase “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Evans also kept meticulous notes of his years working and traveling with the Beatles, and had finished a manuscript of his own before his tragic death. Womack explained how that material was nearly lost, how it came to him, and how he used those archival materials to write his own book on Evans, Living the Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans.   


George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including everything from UFOs and crashes on the moon to the Beatles and stunning photos:

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