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What if UFOs and "aliens" are our future descendants, coming back through time to visit and study their own hominin evolutionary past? That was the idea presented on Sunday's show by Dr. Michael Masters in what he calls the Extratempestrial Model. Dr. Masters joined George Knapp to discuss how an impromptu change of major, to anthropology, eventually led him to examine various well-documented abductee experiences in the context of this time travel model. But he said the seed of that decision may have been sown years earlier. "It's different from a lot of origin stories," he told George. "I was actually eight or nine years old, and I remember very clearly walking through the living room of the house I grew up in, and I looked up on the shelf and saw Whitley Strieber's Communion." He said the cover made an impact on him, as it has many thousands of others, but rather than recalling a visit from the almond-eyed entities, he was struck by an image showing an evolutionary path with an ape-like image on the left, a modern human in the middle, and the "quintessential gray alien" on the right. He said it was a similar bit of intuition or precognition that led him to switch from a major in physics and astronomy to biological anthropology. "All of a sudden this voice in my head says, 'What if we looked at this in the context of biological evolution'... and I changed my major the next day."

Masters said that the physical similarities between grays and humans - four limbs, bilateral symmetry, and other morphological traits - are similar to those found between domesticated animals and their wild forebears, especially in terms of cranial and facial changes.

Dr. Masters said the nature of abductee reports match the kind of information you would expect a future population to collect; particularly in their interest in our biology. Masters noted how modern medical technology allows some people who would not have otherwise been able to reproduce to do so, and spread their genes, which might impact the fertility of these visitors from the future. That could explain why they are so interested in the collection of gametes (sperm and ovum) among other medical examinations, he told George. It would also explain why they seem to often encourage us to take care of our environment and society, he said, because they will inherit it someday. Masters touched on these, and the physics behind time travel and paradoxes, before relating his personal experiences with individuals who shared messages with him that they relayed from a future intelligence; one that knew about thoughts Masters hadn't shared with anyone. In the final hour, George and Dr. Masters fielded calls and questions from listeners on his research and books.

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