Columbia River Gorge Phenomena

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Columbia River Gorge Phenomena

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James Szubski, chief operating officer of Margie's Outdoor Store in Bingen, Washington, has been collecting reports of high strangeness in the Columbia River Gorge. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss how the electromagnetic environment in that region might play a role in people experiencing unusual phenomena, such as UFO sightings, paranormal events, and encounters with entities like Sasquatch, by allowing them to tune into different perceptual channels due to the area's complex magnetic history.

Szubski provided an overview of the Columbia River Gorge's geographical features, including the 80-mile stretch of the Columbia River situated between Washington and Oregon. He highlighted famous landmarks, including Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams, connecting them to UFO and Sasquatch sightings. Szubski delved into the geologic history of the gorge, noting how the area was formed by volcanic activity, lava flows, and the colossal Missoula floods during the Younger Dryas period. He linked these geological events to the unique electromagnetic environment of the gorge, suggesting that the exposure of different layers of magnetic rock due to the floods could be influencing the area's electromagnetic properties.

Szubski discussed the work of Dr. Michael Persinger and how electromagnetic fields can influence the human brain, citing experiments where manipulating magnetic fields produced various perceptions and sensations in individuals. He speculated that the electromagnetic environment of the Columbia River Gorge acts as a catalyst which allows people to perceive phenomena beyond the ordinary spectrum of human experience. He further suggested that these phenomena might already exist but are typically beyond human perceptual reach until the environment adjusts the "receiver" to perceive them.

Szubski recounted a perplexing encounter in an area known as Broke Leg Barrows, where he reported on an experience involving spatial displacement, time loss, and an ambiance connecting with the spirit realm. The region also has an association with mysterious disappearances, such as the case of a hiker who vanished inexplicably despite being just yards away from a road.

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