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Nostradamus & the Antichrist / Alien Agendas

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In the first half, author and world authority on Nostradamus John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm. Regarding Nostradamus' third and final Antichrist prediction, Hogue has concluded that a likely candidate is Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS. Nostradamus had given the code name of Mabus, which matches MBS if the vowels are dropped, and the name Mabus suggests the person would come from the Middle East. MBS has made a significant decision by not tying Saudi oil to the US dollar, and this is the first step in a new transactional BRICS nations' currency that will "change the whole architecture of politics and economy in the world," Hogue predicted. This change will create a genuine alternative to the "unipolar hegemonic world," he added.

Hogue believes we are already in World War III, and in the next phase, he sees a US naval clash with Yemen (the Houthi rebels) in order to drag Iran into a wider war, as they are allies of the Houthis. This relates to a Nostradamus prophecy about a war between Iran and the West, he noted. The economic changes in 2024 are going to be breathtaking, he continued, adding that he foresees a period of depression early in the new year. NATO will go down in the next two years, the EU will break up, "the military-industrial complex will be too expensive to sustain," and America will cease to carry the burden of being the world's peacekeeper, Hogue stated.


Cyrus A. Parsa of the AI Organization is a security professional specializing in emerging threats and AI. In the latter half, he shared his belief that six races of angel gods oversaw humankind's development and that an alien agenda exists to replace humanity by downloading themselves into our bodies. According to Parsa, around 10,000 BCE, a major blast hit the Earth, which led to a massive flood that destroyed the angel gods and much of the populace. The aliens (a different group than the angel gods) powered by AI, are manipulating us into conducting world wars that will involve hypersonic nuclear weapons, "and then everyone falls into a Borg kind of thing," he outlined.

The aliens infiltrated world government starting in the 1930s, and our technology, including AI and robotics, is instigated by them, he claimed. Parsa also talked about his remote viewing and prediction skills, which he said came from the opening of his "third eye" while still a youngster. The pineal gland has been called the "third eye," and some believe it serves as a bridge into the spiritual realm.

During the last half-hour, an interview from 6/28/21 with hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb on alien abductions was featured.

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