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What do extraterrestrials, ghosts, and demons have in common? A lot, according to intelligence analyst and psychotherapist Robert D. Morningstar. Morningstar shared his belief that these entities are all the same, all evil, and all fallen angels. “(Fallen) angels, ETs, ghosts, are all extraterrestrial,” Morningstar said. “They are not of this world.” He began by sharing the story of Chris Bledsoe, who believed he’d been gone for 20 minutes to investigate what he thought was the setting sun, while his camping partners told him he’d been gone all night, and his son was out looking for him. Bledsoe had, according to Morningstar, “encountered a type of extraterrestrial, which is immaterial in its form as a UFO.” In this case, he said, it appeared initially as an orb with red eyes before transforming into an entity the size of a small child. He said they were known as “transmorphic entities” in the MJ12 documentation, and, “are pure mind energy (that) come from another dimension.” He said while there are some nuts-and-bolts UFOs – like the craft that crashed near Roswell, NM – others are simply a manifestation of these non-corporeal entities.

He said these entities are behind a lot of the religious, political, and ethnic strife around the globe. “I warn people, they’re trying to get us riled up. Last year, it was Ukraine versus Russia… and now with the Israel – Hamas war,” which he said he believes is really a proxy war between Iran and Israel. This led to discussions of the Book of Enoch, the fall of the angels assigned to be Watchers, and giants, which were not only mentioned in historical documents, but he claimed are still around and were found in Afghanistan by U.S. troops during our war there. He claimed JFK was assassinated for planning to disclose information about the U.S. government's involvement with aliens, who “promise(d) to help our nation overcome the common enemies of all mankind; tyranny, poverty, disease, and war.”

Morningstor further discussed his visit from a ghost or specter, the overriding feeling that he didn’t want to see the entity’s face, the impression that it was made of anti-matter, and that touching it would result in his immediate death. This mirrored information he said Bledsoe told him NASA shared with him, that touching an alien could result in death. He finally revealed that the entity he encountered in his bedroom was the ghost of JFK. He said the ghost visited him while Ronald Reagan was in the hospital recovering from his shooting, and told him that, “a diabolical entity has taken over the world’s great religions to corrupt mankind and to destroy humanity.” He continued, “That is the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is waging war against Christ, who is life, and waging war against humanity, which is life.”

In the second half of the program, Open Lines callers shared their condolences and memories of the dear, departed Ian Punnett. He closed with a clip from December 7, 2015, featuring Gary Lachman, remembering his time with the band Blondie and how he became interested in the paranormal and occult.

News segment guests: Heidi Hollis / Kevin Randle

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