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True Crime Cases / Consciousness & ETs

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Author and paranormal expert Richard Estep first got involved with paranormal research in 1995 in the UK after attending an overnight investigation at the infamous St. Botolph's ("Skidbrooke") church. In the first half, he shared his latest research into true crime cases that involved murder and betrayal. In the US, you are four times more likely to be killed by someone you know than a stranger. When there's a homicide, the first suspect is usually a family member, he noted, adding that "whenever a man or woman goes missing..the spouse is usually the person the detectives pay the most attention to because quite often that's where the search ends." 90% of this kind of intimate murder is carried out by "an aggressive controlling domineering male," he cited, and usually there are red flags in advance, but they aren't always acted upon.

Estep talked about the Amityville Horror murders by Butch DeFeo, who was convicted of killing his family members. Their murders have been someone forgotten in the wake of the ghost stories associated with the home, he commented, but DeFeo admitted in a rare moment of clarity, "There was only one demon at Amityville, and that was me." Estep also touched on the phenomenon of 'serial killers next door'-- murderers who hold down respectable jobs and are sometimes well-liked in their community. One of Britain's most prolific killers, Dr. Harold Shipman, murdered hundreds of his patients with fatal overdoses. He had been considered a "golden boy" and gone to medical school after his mother died of a terminal illness. Estep recalled other cases, including Lizzie Borden, The Moors murders, Jack the Ripper, and when children kill.


In the latter half, writer, lecturer, personal coach, and filmmaker Caroline Cory discussed her experiences with ETs, the paranormal and the supernatural, and her discoveries in spirituality, and consciousness. She has concluded that consciousness is outside of the brain and conducted various experiments, such as with psychokinesis, to demonstrate this. Cory detailed how, as a young child, she began to see light beings and was able to receive codes or frequencies from them that got translated into a language she could understand. She was eventually given information that relates to a divine plan for the evolution of the planet and intelligent life.

She foresees big changes or events happening to the United States in 2024, including a huge economic collapse that is being orchestrated to move the populace into digital currency, and chaos surrounding the election. On the topic of UFO disclosure, she sees more whistleblowers and evidence coming forward though those revelations may be diluted by the nation's other events this year. Cory described one of her ET contacts, a tall blue being with benevolent energy from the Sirius B star system; she merged with the non-human entity, resulting in instantaneous understanding and communication. She also spoke about her documentary, A Tear in the Sky, which explores anomalous aerial phenomena on Catalina Island.

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