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Demonic Possession / Open Lines

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Spiritual warrior Bill Bean discussed his life and transformation, and how he helps others break free from demonic influences. He believes his work is a calling that God has placed on his life to help people become free from evil. Despite not knowing the reasons behind these experiences, he firmly believes that his own past sufferings were instrumental in preparing him for his current role. Bean emphasized the importance of personal experience in building trust with trauma survivors and establishing a bond to help them.

He recounted his own traumatic events from his childhood, detailing demonic attacks on his family, his near-destruction, and the miraculous transformation that occurred in his life. Bean described a pivotal moment when he decided to turn away from a destructive path, embrace faith, and make God the priority in his life. This transformation marked the beginning of his journey into demonology, spiritual warfare, and helping others break free from dark forces.

Bean provided his insights into demonic possession, linking it to the frequency and vibration of life. He suggested that trauma and low-frequency living create susceptibility to demonic infiltration. He connected demonic possession to traumatic experiences, particularly cases involving child molestation or rape. Bean covered the process of spiritual deliverance and exorcism, highlighting the challenges and dangers involved. He also addressed the question of potential deception by demons during the process, and emphasizing the physical and emotional toll such experiences can take on him.


The latter half of the program was devoted to Open Lines. Jim in Delaware referenced Revelation 13:18 and the calculation of the number of the beast, associating it with Elon Musk. He mentioned attempting to calculate Musk's name in both the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, arriving at the numerical value of 666. Jim expressed concern about the political shift to the left and suggested that Robert Kennedy may have entered politics due to this shift.

Jane recounted a disturbing experience with her daughter, who had an unsettling connection with an entity named Lisa. Years ago, the family had moved into a house where the daughter claimed to interact with Lisa, a girl who had been beaten to death by her mother in a room down the hall. Strange occurrences, including the daughter's eerie behavior and the unexplained deaths of dogs in the pool, led to a visit from a parapsychologist who identified seven to eight entities in the home. The expert urged Jane to leave the possessed house immediately. Her daughter, now 40, remains distant and cold, and Jane suspects still in the grips of Lisa.

UFO Phil phoned in about an encounter with an alien named Zaxxon he had in a recent dream. Zaxxon, who is nine feet tall, blue, and a leader of his race, revealed that in 2024, aliens will come to Earth and unveil themselves. He noted Zaxxon will continue communicating with him through dreams, gradually disclosing more details. According to Phil, Zaxxon has designated him as the official mothership ambassador and guide, with plans to land in Las Vegas on June 10.

The final half hour featured a replay from 9/2/2015 featuring Robert Fraize, founder of the Traditional Church of Satan.

News segment guests: John Truman Wolfe / Kevin Randle

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